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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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Jǫkull Bárðarson (Jǫk)

11th century; volume 1; ed. Diana Whaley;

Lausavísur (Lv) - 2

According to Snorri Sturluson (ÓH 1941, I, 503; ÍF 27, 331), Jǫkull (Jǫk) was the son of Bárðr Jǫkulsson of Vatnsdalur, northern Iceland; he is described as a big, powerful man and a great traveller. He was uncle of the saga hero Grettir Ásmundarson and tried unsuccessfully to dissuade him from tackling the revenant Glámr (ÍF 7, 117). Jǫkull became a follower of Hákon jarl Eiríksson (on whom, see ‘Ruler biographies’ in Introduction to this volume), and this allegiance led, in the late 1020s, to both his triumph and his downfall, as commemorated in the two lausavísur attributed to him.

Lausavísur — Jǫk LvI

Diana Whaley 2012, ‘ Jǫkull Bárðarson, Lausavísur’ in Diana Whaley (ed.), Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 1: From Mythical Times to c. 1035. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 1. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 813. <> (accessed 23 January 2022)

stanzas:  1   2 

Skj: Jǫkull Bárðarson: Lausavísur (AI, 314, BI, 291)

SkP info: I, 815

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2 — Jǫk Lv 2I

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Note: The following transcriptions have been entered to aid the editing process. These may not have been fully reviewed and checked and may therefore not be reliable. You may wish to consult the manuscript images. Any corrections can be notified to the database editor.

 Kx Sviþa sár af mǫði | setið hefi ec opt v betra | und er a os su er sprænde | otrꜹð legi rꜹ́ðom | bys mer bloþ or þesso | beni te ec v þrec veniaz | verpr hiálmgofugr hilmir | heið sær a mic reiðe.   [DW]  edit 
 Holm2 Svida sar af møþi setit efi ec opt vid betra vnd era os sv er spręn | di otrꜹþ legi rꜹþvm . bys mer bloþ or þesv benj te ec vid þrec veniaz verpr hial | mgꜹfvgr hilmir heidser a mic reiþi.   [VEÞ]  edit 
 321x Svida sar af modi. setit hefi ek | opt vid betra. und er oss su er sprændi otraud loga raudum by | ss mer blod or þessi. ben tek ek vid þrek veniaz. verpr hialm go | fugr hilmir. heidsær a mik reidi.   [VEÞ]  edit 
 61 Svida sꜳr af m | æ̋di setit hefig opt vid betra vndr er j oss hve[...] | sprændi otravdr legi rau[...] bus mer blod u[...] || hausi ben se ek vid þrek viniaz verpr hialmg | aufugur hilmir heitsær a mik reidi·   [VEÞ]  edit 

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