Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hjǫrtr (Hjǫrtr)

11th century; volume 2; ed. Kari Ellen Gade;

Lausavísur (Lv) - 3

Skj info: Hjǫrtr, Islænder, 11. årh. (AI, 403, BI, 372-3).

Skj poems:

Very little is known about Hjǫrtr (which, if translated, would mean ‘Deer’). According to Hemings þáttr Áslákssonar (Hem in Hr and Hb), he was an Icelander who was sent by Haraldr harðráði Sigurðarson as an envoy to Russia in 1065-6 to retrieve a bag of goatskin filled with gold which Haraldr had left with his wife, Ellisif (Elizabeth) (see Hb 1892-6, 331-3; Fellows Jensen 1962, 37-9). He is also mentioned in the first part of the þáttr in Flat, where his patronymic is given as Óláfsson (Flat 196-8, III, 401). Because that information is lacking in the other versions (see Fellows Jensen 1962, 1), it is likely a Flat innovation.

Lausavísur — Hjǫrtr LvII

Kari Ellen Gade 2009, ‘(Introduction to) Hjǫrtr, Lausavísur’ in Kari Ellen Gade (ed.), Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: From c. 1035 to c. 1300. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 2. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 344-7.

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Skj: Hjǫrtr: Lausavísur, 1066 (AI, 403, BI, 372-3)

SkP info: II, 346

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2 — Hjǫrtr Lv 2II

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Cite as: Kari Ellen Gade (ed.) 2009, ‘Hjǫrtr, Lausavísur 2’ in Kari Ellen Gade (ed.), Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: From c. 1035 to c. 1300. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 2. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 346.

Hafr es úti        hvítr í túni;
skúmir augum,        hefr skegg mikit,
brestir klaufum,        vill bǫrn taka;
sás geitarson        gerr við erru.

Hafr es úti, hvítr í túni; skúmir augum, hefr skegg mikit, brestir klaufum, vill taka bǫrn; sás geitarson, gerr við erru.

A billy-goat is outside, white, in the yard; he grows dark in the eyes, has a huge beard, bangs his hoofs, wants to take children; he is a goat’s son, ready for a quarrel.

texts: Hb, Hem 2

editions: Skj Hjǫrtr: Lausavísur 2 (AI, 403; BI, 372); Skald I, 185; Hb 1892-6, 332, Fellows Jensen 1962, 38 (Hem).


AM 326 b 4°x (326bx) 23r, 7 - 23r, 14 (Hb)  transcr.  
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