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Runic Dictionary

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ǪrvOdd Ævdr 45VIII (Ǫrv 115) l. 8

spjör — a spear


spjǫr (noun n.): spear


[8] spjör: spörr 343a, 173ˣ, spörum 471


[8] spjör ‘a spear’: Most eds have emended the mss’ readings here. Both 343a and 173ˣ have spörr (343a ‘spaurr’) which can only mean ‘sparrow’ but this sense does not seem appropriate here. Ms. 471 has spörum, dat. pl. CPB II, 551 has spiörr ‘spears’, which would make good sense, but this noun is normally n. pl. and the verb here (stóð) is sg. However, the noun spjǫr is only found in the pl. and, as Kock has suggested (NN §3290A), it may function as a sg. here. Boer (Ǫrv 1888, 204 n.) proposed that an antecedent ms. of the younger mss, which he designated z, must have read spjót ‘spear’, which was later changed to ǫr ‘arrow’ and then by a later copyist to spǫrr. However, this explanation seems over-complex, and the present edn has assumed the original word to be spjör ‘spears’ used in a sg. sense (following Boer’s argument, Skj B and FSGJ emend to spjót). In Skald Kock retains spǫrr, though this spelling in the sense ‘spear’ is unprecedented.



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