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Runic Dictionary

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Eskál Vell 18I l. 3

herðir — the strengthener


herðir (noun m.): sword < sǫngherðir (noun m.)herðir (noun m.): sword < sóknherðir (noun m.)


[3] ‑herðir: so FskAˣ, 52ˣ, 301ˣ, ‘‑horðir’ FskBˣ, 51ˣ, 302ˣ


[3] sverða sǫngherðir ‘the strengthener of the song of swords [(lit. ‘song-strengthener of swords’) BATTLE > RULER]’: The reading of FskBˣ, sǫng-, is chosen here (as in Fsk 1902-3; Skj B; Skald; ÍF 29). The reading of FskAˣ, sókn (adopted in Vell 1865, 99; Konráð Gíslason 1895-7, I, 130), results in an unacceptable kenning structure, sókn sverða ‘attack of the swords [BATTLE]’, in which the referent of the kenning is already contained in the base-word sókn (see Finnur Jónsson 1891a, 168-9).



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