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Runic Dictionary

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Eskál Vell 14I l. 8

garðs — of the fence


garðr (noun m.): enclosure, yard



[7-8] Hlórriði garðs geira ‘the Hlórriði <= Þórr> of the fence of spears [SHIELD > WARRIOR = Hákon jarl]’: Hlórriði is a name for Þórr; for an explanation see Note to Þul Þórs 1/5III. Normally Þórr does not serve as a base-word for kennings of this type (see Meissner 1913, 28, 49-50). This unique instance may be explained by the special significance of Þórr for the rulers of Hlaðir (Lade), which is apparent from the analogies drawn between the deity and the ruler in KormǪ SigdrIII and Eil ÞdrIII (see Marold 1990a, 113‑129).



case: gen.

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