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Runic Dictionary

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Hókr Eirfl 3I l. 6

Reginn — the Reginn


Reginn (noun m.): Reginn


[6] Reginn: regin J2ˣ, 53, Flat, FskAˣ, Holm18, rekinn 4‑7


[6] Reginn ‘the Reginn <dwarf>’: Reginn is listed in the þulur as the name of a dwarf (see Note to Þul Dverga 6/4III), and it is also the name of Fáfnir’s brother, Reginn Hreiðmarsson in the eddic Sigurðr cycle (see Reg). Dwarf-names are not usual as the base-word of man-kennings, and where Reginn occurs it can be interpreted either as the dwarf-name or the sg. of regin ‘gods’ (Meissner 264), but in this case the choice of Reginn as a base-word with the sense ‘dwarf’ appears to have been prompted by association with Fáfnir (l. 8).



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