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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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Hallar-Steinn (HSt)

12th century; volume 1; ed. Rolf Stavnem;

1. Rekstefja (Rst) - 35

Nothing is known about this skald (HSt) except what can be deduced from his nickname, which has been identified with the farm-name Höll, in Þverárhlíð, Mýrasýsla, western Iceland (Finnur Jónsson 1907, 185), and from the poetry attributed to him. His main extant work is the drápa Rekstefja (HSt Rst), whose ambitious praise of Óláfr Tryggvason might well point to Iceland at the end of the twelfth century or somewhat later (see Skj, and Introduction to the poem below). Hallar-Steinn has been identified (e.g. by Wisén 1886-9, I, 143) with the eleventh-century poet Steinn Herdísarson (SteinnII), but this is implausible. HSt Frag 1, of uncertain origin but probably attributable to this poet, may also commemorate Óláfr Tryggvason, while HSt Frag 2-5III represent a love-lorn poet. These fragments are preserved only in treatises on poetics and grammar, and are therefore edited in SkP III, as are two further fragments, HSt Frag 6-7III.

Rekstefja (‘Split-refrain’) — HSt RstI

Rolf Stavnem 2012, ‘ Hallar-Steinn, Rekstefja’ in Diana Whaley (ed.), Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 1: From Mythical Times to c. 1035. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 1. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 893. <> (accessed 2 July 2022)

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Skj: Hallar-Steinn: 1. Rekstefja (AI, 543-52, BI, 525-34); stanzas (if different): 3 | 4 | 5

SkP info: I, 930

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28 — HSt Rst 28I

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lemmatised words

This information has not been reviewed and should not be referred to.

1bjarga (verb) [°bergr (biærgr Alk619 77⁹; biargr ÓH619 119¹‡); barg, burgu; borginn] ‘to save, preserve...’barg 28/7

brattr (adj.) [°compar. -ari, superl. -astr] ‘steep...’bratta 28/4

drengr (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -; -ir, gen. -ja] ‘man, warrior...’dreng 28/8

endr (adv.) ‘formerly, once, again...’ — 28/6

eptir (prep.) ‘after, behind...’ept 28/2

1fregna (verb) ‘hear of...’frák 28/1

2ganga (verb) [geng, gekk, gengu, genginn] ‘walk, go...’ — 28/1, gekk 28/8

1gnípa (noun f.) ‘peak...’gnípu 28/4

hafa (verb) ‘have...’hafði 28/5

hann (pron.) [°gen. hans, dat. honum; f. hon, gen. hennar, acc. hana] ‘he, she, it, they, them......’ — 28/2

hildingr (noun m.) [°; -ar] ‘king, ruler...’Hilding 28/1

hvass (adj.) [°-an; -ari, -astr] ‘keen, sharp...’hvasst 28/1

hǫnd (noun f.) [°handar, dat. hendi; hendr (hendir StatPáll³ 752¹²)] ‘hand...’hendi 28/3, hendi 28/6

í (prep.) ‘in, into...’ — 28/4

lengra (adv.) ‘longer, further...’ — 28/8

leyfa (verb) ‘permit; praise...’leyfðr 28/5

maðr (noun m.) ‘man, person...’manni 28/2

3ok (conj.) ‘and, but; also...’ — 28/8

prúðr (adj.) [°superl. -astr] ‘magnificent, proud...’prútt 28/2

ráð (noun n.) [°-s; -] ‘advice, plan, control, power...’ — 28/3

ráða (verb) ‘advise, rule, interpret, decide...’réð 28/2

ráðvandr (adj.) ‘counsel-heading, judicious...’ — 28/3

ríp (noun f.) ‘[crag]...’ — 28/4

ræsir (noun m.) ‘ruler...’ — 28/3

1 (pron.) [°gen. þess, dat. þeim, acc. þann; f. sú, gen. þeirrar, acc. þá; n. þat, dat. því; pl. m. þeir, f. þǽ---] ‘that (one), those...’þat 28/6

sigr (noun m.) [°sigrs/sigrar, dat. sigri; sigrar] ‘victory...’ — 28/7

sigrþollr (noun m.)sigrþoll 28/7

3sinn (pron.) [°f. sín, n. sitt] ‘(refl. poss. pron.)...’ — 28/8

stillir (noun m.) ‘ruler...’ — 28/7

svá (adv.) ‘so, thus...’ — 28/7

3und (prep.) ‘under, underneath...’ — 28/6

vandr (adj.) ‘difficult...’ — 28/3

2vera (verb) ‘be, is, was, were, are, am...’vas 28/6

þengill (noun m.) ‘prince, ruler...’ — 28/5

þollr (noun m.) ‘fir-tree...’þoll 28/7

þrek (noun n.) ‘courage, strength...’ — 28/5

þrekleyfðr (adj.) — 28/5


Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated