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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anonymous Lausavísur (Anon)

III. 4. Stanzas from Laufás Edda (LaufE) - 11

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2.4: Stanzas from Laufás Edda — Anon (LaufE)III

Kari Ellen Gade 2017, ‘(Introduction to) Anonymous, Stanzas from Laufás Edda’ in Kari Ellen Gade and Edith Marold (eds), Poetry from Treatises on Poetics. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 3. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 637.

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in texts: LaufE, LaufE

SkP info: III, 637

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1 Hvé fyr leik, en lauka
Lofn kunni þat stofna,
stórvænn, styrjar kenni,
stendr línapaldr mínum.
How the mightily fair linen-apple-tree [WOMAN] prevents my pleasure, and the Lofn <goddess> of leeks [WOMAN] could inflict that on the master of battle [WARRIOR].
2 Spíru semi hǫnd hér
hringa; birtisk virðing.
May the hand of the sapling of rings [WOMAN] arrange [things] here; may honour be shown.
3 Sigrunnit kømr svanna
serkland at mér grandi;
Sólmarkar drepr serkjar
samland við mér gamni.
The conquered shirt-land [WOMAN] sends the harm of women to me; the fellow-land of the shirt [WOMAN] destroys the pleasure of Sólmǫrk for me.
4 Land verr lofðungr brǫndum
lauks máferils hauka;
hjálmklæðum gefr hilmir
hvítinga frið lítinn.
The lord of the leek [WOMAN] adorns the land of hawks [ARM] with fires of the seagull-track [SEA > GOLD]; the ruler of drinking-horns [WOMAN] gives little peace to helmet-clothes.
5 Ok óþokkaðr okkar
ostmýgir brauðgýgi;
bjúgr elr sorg um saurga
saupstríðir flot-Gríði.
And the disliked oppressor of cheese [MAN] bemoans the ogress of bread [WOMAN]; the bent tormentor of buttermilk [MAN] harbours grief about the filthy Gríðr <giantess> of fat [WOMAN].
6 Ok orðvísa Ásu
járnraddar svá kvaddi.
And greeted the word-wise Æsir <gods> of the iron-voice [BATTLE > WARRIORS] thus.
7 Vát*r kom víst at rétta
vallfinnandi linna
— mærð era mjúklig orðin
mín — Víðblinda svíni.
The wet bestower of the field of serpents [(lit. ‘field-bestower of serpents’) GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] certainly came to hunt the swine of Víðblindi <giant> [WHALE]; my praise did not become smooth.
8 Kveða skal hróðr fyr hríðar
hræblakks viðum sævar
— drykkr var Dúrnis rekkum
døkkr — ljósara nøkkvi.
I must recite somewhat more transparent praise before the trees of the corpse-dark sea of battle [BLOOD > WARRIORS]; the drink of Dúrnir <dwarf> [POETRY] was obscure to the men.
9 Á sá hann falla
eitri blandna;
fákr sparn fótum
foldar sveita.
He saw a river flow, mixed with poison; the horse kicked the blood of the earth [WATER] with its feet.
10 Andri er ek mýgi*
upp með vágsbotni;
kom ek at dals dreyra.
As I press down the ski up along the end of the bay; I came to the gore of the valley [WATER].
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