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Dictionary headwords relevant to the editions

This material is incomplete and is for reference only: it has not been checked and quality-controlled and should not be cited. References are to the new edition and may not correspond to the text of Skj.

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1. guð (noun m.)

‘(Christian) God’
ONP (prose citations):308727571
SkP: 370127911 (prose):4161392394

forms: goð, goðs, goð, goði, guð, guðs, muþ, guþ, Guð nom m sg, Guði, Guðs, guð m sg, guð*, Guðs, Goð, k|uþrs, …uþ, kuþs, kuþ, guc, guþas, kuþ…, kus, ...þ, -uþ, k-þ, k...-, koþ, gus, þuþ, ku..., gu..., kos, kusþ, ...þs, k=uþ, ku-, kþ, uþ, kuiþ, k...þ, akuþ, gvþs, gvdz, gudz, gvd, gvde, gud, ...uþ, kuþ..., guðs, guði


Anon Heildr 4VII, l. 7: guðdóms ‘the divine’
Kálf Kátr 8VII, l. 8: guðdóm ‘Godhead’
Kálf Kátr 9VII, l. 8: guðdóms ‘of the Godhead’
Kálf Kátr 23VII, l. 3: guðdóms ‘of divinity’
Kálf Kátr 24VII, l. 8: guðdóm ‘Godhead’
Kálf Kátr 28VII, l. 6: guðsorð ‘God’s word’
Kálf Kátr 49VII, l. 7: guðdóms ‘of divinity’
Anon Líkn 24VII, l. 2: guðblíðr ‘The godly-tender’
Anon Mdr 1VII, l. 4: guðdóms ‘of the Godhead’
Anon Mdr 14VII, l. 7: guðdóm ‘Godhead’
Anon Mgr 28VII, l. 3: guðdóms ‘of the Godhead’
Anon Pét 18VII, l. 8: guðdómsins ‘of the Godhead’s’
Anon Pét 25VII, l. 4: guðdóms ‘of divinity’
Anon Pl 10VII, l. 8: goðssonar ‘of God’s son’
Anon Vitn 25VII, l. 3: guðdóms ‘of the Godhead’
Anon Lil 17VII, l. 8: guðdóm ‘the Godhead’
Anon Lil 22VII, l. 4: guðdóms ‘of the Godhead’
Anon Lil 31VII, l. 5: guðdóms ‘of the Godhead’
Anon Lil 65VII, l. 4: guðdóm ‘to divinity’
Gamlkan Has 18VII, l. 5: guðdóm ‘divinity’
Gamlkan Has 37VII, l. 4: guðdómi ‘Godhead’
Hfr ErfÓl 26aI, l. 4: goðfǫður ‘a godfather’
Rv Lv 32II, l. 2: goðfjón ‘contempt for God’

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