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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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1. Formatting text (TW)
2. Filtering Word documents (TW)
3. Preparing database text for publication (TW)
4. Exporting to Word for book version (TW)
5. Book version layout and styles (TW)
6. Fonts (TW)
7. Icelandic character order (TW)

(7. Technical instructions > 4. Exporting to Word for book version)

4. Exporting to Word for book version (TW)

NOTE: problems:

  • Office 2008 for Mac replaces style spacing information with Before: 0.1pt, After: 0.1pt
  • Also, add border-collapse:collapse, cellpadding="0" to table definition (in filter) to help import into Word.
  • Kenning referents should use Word small caps formatting or that of the font

To produce a version of the edition suitable for printing in book form:

  1. Open the link for export: verse, poem, skald (by volume) in the verse view page; or to export the contents of the entire volume, use the link under volumes. The export page should open in a new window in black and white.
  2. Save the exported HTML file to the Desktop or another convenient location.
  3. Open the document template in Microsoft Word (it can be downloaded here); you must also have the font GaramondProSkaldic2 installed. [see note 1]
  4. Open the file you have saved to the Desktop in Word, by dragging the file's icon onto the Word program icon. This is important - you may not be able to open the file in Word by other means.
  5. Word will complain that a file is missing - just click OK.
  6. Select the whole document, or the part of it you wish to import and copy it to the clipboard (see under Edit menu; otherwise use cmd/ctrl-A to select and cmd/ctrl-C to copy).
  7. Click on the file (or whatever latest version) and paste the selection into the new document (cmd/ctrl-V). It should format the text automatically so that it appears with the correct characters in the  Garamond font.
  8. You will need to make some adjustments before printing, including:
    • Go to Edit > Replace... and type in '    ' (four spaces) in the find box (without quotation marks) and '    ' (4 spaces) in the replace box, then Replace All. Do the same again with three spaces in each box. This fixes the variant apparatus so that it aligns with the right margin.
    • If there are tables, you will need to remove padding. Right-click in table > Table Properties... > Options... (button) > uncheck 'Allow spacing between cells' and reduce top and bottom cell margins to '0cm'
    • Check that Greek, Hebrew and any other non-standard scripts appear correctly; other possibilities include metrical notation and the yogh letter
    • [If exporting the whole volume, see also note 2]
  9. Save As... for file in a new location
  10. Create PDF by using Print... > PDF > Save as PDF


  1. This is tested for Microsoft Word 2004 for Mac only. Using other versions of Word require a slightly different method because of the way in which template files are handled.
  2. If you are producing the whole volume:
    • Go to Edit > Replace... and type in '#page break^p' in the find box (without quotation marks) and '^m' in the replace box, then click Replace All. This will insert page breaks where appropriate. You may need to delete a superfluous page break at the end of the document.Paste poem or other title into right-hand header (or similar, depending on volume).
    • Insert the correct page number where the volume is exported in parts: go to View > Header and Footer and click on the 'format page number' button (the third or fourth button in the header/footer toolbar); insert the correct starting page number next to 'Start At'. If using a single document, you will need to create section breaks between each part with a new header.

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1. Exporting to Word for book version (Vol 7 version) (TW)

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