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grimmr (adj.)

ONP (prose citations):145728073
SkP: 58127911 (prose):261392394

forms: grimmi, grimmr, grimmr, grimmt, grimms, grimmustum, grimmustu, Grimmum, krim?, Grimmr, grimmastur nom m sg, grimum, Grimr, grimmi, grimmur nom m sg, grimmastr, grimmir, grimm, grimmo, grimmom, grimr, grimir, grima, grimvm, griman, grimur, grim, grimer, grimme, grimma, grimmv, grimmaztv, grimaztum, grimazta, grimmazta, grimari, grimaztr, grimi, grimmazsti, grimmuzst, grimmastan, grimazt, grimazter, grimmozt, grimmust, grimmar, ⟨gri⟩mmr, grimmann, grimmer, grimmasta, griᴍr, grims, grimmvm, grimmari, grimmastir, Grimt, grimmum, grimmra, grimman, grimmu, grimt, grimmum, grimom, grimaſtr


Anon Líkn 14VII, l. 3: grimmúðgastir ‘The most grim-minded’
Anon Sól 51VII, l. 5: grimmliga ‘fiercely’
ESk Frag 1III, l. 2: bálgrimmustum ‘most hostile {to the fire’
Hfr Óldr 1I, l. 8: végrimmr ‘fierce against heathen temples’
Okík Magn 1II, l. 2: malmgrimm ‘A sword-grim’
Sigv ErfÓl 13I, l. 1: grimmligt ‘fearful’
SnSt Ht 64III, l. 8: grimsetta ‘the grim-set’
Ólhv Frag 7III, l. 1: grimmhugaðr ‘the fierce-minded one’

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