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Runic Dictionary

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Ásb Ævkv 8VIII (OStór 11) l. 5

pálmar — palms


palmr (noun m.; °; -ar): palm-tree < brynpalmr (noun m.)


[5] brynpálmar brýndir: rómu, hjálm ok branda 554h βˣ


[5] brynpálmar ‘the mailcoat-palms [SWORDS]’: The cpd is a hap. leg. The kenning belongs to a common type in which swords are referred to by a base-word denoting a long, sharp object (e.g. icicle, stick) and a determinant denoting a piece of armour or a defensive weapon, such as a mailcoat or shield (cf. Meissner 152-3). In skaldic poetry the noun palmr, later pálmr, is used as a simplex and in the literal sense of a palm tree or palm branch, the first recorded examples being in the C12th poems Leið 30/8VII and Rv Lv 29/4II, both in Christian contexts. Here, however, and in Anon Krm 15/10 pálmr strenglágar ‘the palm of the bowstring-groove’, an arrow-kenning, pálmr is used in a metaphorical not a literal sense.



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