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glíkr (adj.)

‘like, alike’
ONP (prose citations):231727565
SkP: 8127911 (prose):21392394

forms: glík, glíkan, glíkr, glíkastur, Glíkan, likazta, likazsto, líku, likv, liku, licku, líkara, likare, likari, líkari, lykara, likara, lykt, líkr, lik, líkir, likt, likr, likir, lijkann, lijka, likuzt, licastr, licara, lijkare, licare, lijkari, likvztv, licaztan, likazstir, likastir, likaster, likaz, lijkaztur, líkasti, likazti, likazst, licazt, likazt, líkast, licast, likastr, lict, lÿkastur, lẏkaster, líkan, lickt, likvz, ligt, Líkt, líkt, lijkt, likast, glicr, glicʀ, [g]likare, glícr, glickian, glikaster, glíct, glikr, glict, glica, glíkastr, lík, lykra, l[i]kazster, lijkast, líkastr, likan, likar, ligtt, litt, Lika, lika, lígt, glikian, lica, licr, lijkur, likur, glíkt, Glíkt, glic, glikir



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