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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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image of AM 696 XV 4° folio <1v>

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AM 696 XV 4°, 1v (b300dpi)

Anon Hsv 28VII (1-2)
    ‘Ǫll tíðendi,’
Anon Hsv 29VII (2-3)
    ‘Ǫðrum heita’
Anon Hsv 30VII (4-5)
    ‘Metnað þinn,’
Anon Hsv 31VII (5-6)
    ‘Allan dugnað,’
Anon Hsv 32VII (7-8)
    ‘Ungr skal venjaz’
Anon Hsv 33VII (8-10)
    ‘Einmæli manna’
Anon Hsv 34VII (10-12)
    ‘Við meinum varna’
Anon Hsv 35VII (12-13)
    ‘Af annars dauða’
Anon Hsv 36VII (13-15)
    ‘Ef þér litla gjǫf’
Anon Hsv 37VII (15-16)
    ‘Øreigu þína’
Anon Hsv 38VII [1-4, 6] (17-18)
    ‘Aldrlagi sínu’
Anon Hsv 39VII [1-5] (18-19)
    ‘Vinir þinir’
Anon Hsv 40VII (20-21)
    ‘Auðar afla’
Anon Hsv 41VII [2-6] (22-23)
    ‘heit eigi seggjum gjǫf,’
Anon Hsv 42VII (23-25)
    ‘Fláráðs orðum,’
Anon Hsv 43VII (25-26)
    ‘Ef þér erfingja’
Anon Hsv 44VII (27-29)
    ‘Fé þik eigi tæli,’

prose text:


digital photograph - 712 dpi

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Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated