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2. fœða (verb)

‘to feed, give food to, bring up, bear, give birth to’
ONP (prose citations):255727571
SkP: 50127911 (prose):1761392394

forms: fœðisk, fœzk, fœðask, fœddu, fœddir, fæddr, fæða, fæðaz, fæddiz, fæddan, fæddann, fæddir, fæddra, fæðiz, fœðið, fœðir sg 3rd pres finite, fœða, fœdda, fœddr, Fæddi sg 3rd pret, Fæddist sg 3rd pret, Fæddust, Fæðist, fæddist sg 3rd pret, fæddumst, fæddur nom m sg pret participle, fæddust pl 3rd pret, fætt , fæða infinitive, fæðast infinitive, fæði, fæðir sg pres, fæðst , fœðest, fœddan, Fæðiz, Fœddr, fuþi?, þan, Fœddi, fædde, fæddi, fædd, fæꝺꝺı, fœddi, Fæðiz, fǫdda, fǫddi, feþi, fǫðir, fǫd, fǫða, fǫþom, fǫdaz, fǫþir, fǫddiz, fǿða, fǿddi, fǿðask, fǿddisk



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