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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anonymous Poems (Anon)

VII. Lilja (Lil) - 100

not in Skj

Lilja (‘Lily’) — Anon LilVII

Martin Chase 2007, ‘ Anonymous, Lilja’ in Margaret Clunies Ross (ed.), Poetry on Christian Subjects. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 7. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 544-677. <> (accessed 28 June 2022)

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Skj: Eysteinn Ásgrímsson: Lilja (AII, 363-95, BII, 390-416)

SkP info: VII, 666-7

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92 — Anon Lil 92VII

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Note: The following transcriptions have been entered to aid the editing process. These may not have been fully reviewed and checked and may therefore not be reliable. You may wish to consult the manuscript images. Any corrections can be notified to the database editor.

 Bb Tungu sætr ef eínn huerr yta ordum hyggzt | j kuædi ath skorda míukan dikt ath mak | ligleikum mín drottníng af heidrí þínum þvi er | likazt sem rasi ok reiki radslaus seggr ath | ymsum ueggium fældr ok byrgdr ok feti þo huergí | fuiss j burt or uo᷎lunndar husí ჻ |   [VEÞ]  edit 
 99a Tungű | sætur þo einhuer y̋ta j ordum hy̋ggist || kűædi ad skorda miűkan dikt at makli | gleikum mijn drottning af heidri þijnum // þvi | er lijkast sem rasi edur reiki rádlaűs seggűr | at y̋msum veggium felldur og by̋rdur en feti þo | hűorgi fűs j bűrtű vr volundar hűsi // |   [VEÞ]  edit 
 622 […]üngü sætur ef eínhuer yta , ordum hygdi j küædi ad skor | da , míuckann dickt ad maklig leickum , mín drottning af | heidrj þínum : Þui eʀ likazt sem ʀasí ęda ʀeíki ʀad | laus seggr , ad ymsum veggíum , faldur og byrdur enn fet || þo huergi , fws j bürtt vʀ volundar hüsí : |   [VEÞ]  edit 
 713 Tvngv setur ef eínn hver yta . ordum hygzt j kuædí at skorda . mívkan dikt ⸌⸌ at makligleikum . min drottníng af | heídre þínum / þvi er likazt sem rase eda reíke . radlaus seggur at ymsvm veggívm . fældur og byrdur og fete þo huergí . fus j burt ur uolundar huse . // |   [VEÞ]  edit 
 41 8°x Tungu sætur einhvor ita, ef ordenn hygst J kvædi | ad skorda, miukann dikt ad maklegleikum, minn | Drottenn af vegsemd þinne. | Þa̋ er lijkt sem rase edur reike, ra̋dlꜹs seggur ad imsum | veggium, falldur og birgdur, enn fete þő hvorge, fus J burt | ur Vólundar huse.   [VEÞ]  edit 
 705x Tungusætur þo einhver yta || med ordum hyggi kvædi at skorda | miukan dickt at maklig leikum | min drottning af heidri þinum: | þvi er likast sem rasi edur reiki | radlaus seggur at ymsum veggium | felldur og byrdur enn feti þo hvergi | fus i burtu ur volundar husi.  edit 
 4892 Tungann setr einhuer ita ordinn higzt i quǫde scorda, miucann dict at macligl[…] om, myn drottning af heidri þyn[om] Þui er lycast sem rase edr re[…] raadlaus seggr at unsom vegg[…] fǫldr oc birdr enn fetir þo huerge fus i burt ur Voulundar huse  edit 

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