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Runic Dictionary

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Hfr ErfÓl 25I l. 6

ǫld — age


ǫld (noun f.; °; aldir): people, age < skalmǫld (noun f.): sword-age; Skálmǫldǫld (noun f.; °; aldir): people, age < skalmǫld (noun f.): sword-age; Skálmǫld


[6] skalmǫld hefr því valdit: ‘ska[…]’ B, skalmǫld hefir því valdit 744ˣ


[6] skalmǫld ‘a sword-age [BATTLE]’: In Vsp 45/7, skalmǫld characterises the violence and chaos before the world plunges into Ragnarǫk, but in skaldic poems it is used in non-eschatological contexts, to mean ‘important, decisive battle’ (Þorm Lv 19/4V (Fbr 34), Anon (Stu) 40/8IV). The cpd is tentatively considered a kenning here (cf. Meissner 201), though the pattern is not typical.



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