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Runic Dictionary

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Þjóð Haustl 10III l. 6

Ingvi — of Ingvi


Ingi (noun m.): king, Ingi < Ingifreyr (noun m.)


[6] Ingvi‑ (‘inge’): ‘ing[…]’ W


[6] Ingvi-Freys ‘of Ingvi-Freyr’: Name for the god Freyr. The various extant forms of the first element derive from the Proto-Scandinavian form *ingwaz (Gmc *Ingwiafraujaz ‘Lord of the Ingvaeones’; cf. AEW: Ingi 1, Yngvi). In Old Norse the presence of ‑w- caused w-umlaut to Yngvi- (ANG §82.4); here, however, Ing- is secured by the internal rhyme with þing- (a very early example of such a change), but ‑v- has been restored (from the mss’ ‘ing’) in line with Old Norse prose sources, where ‑v- is still preserved.



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