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fram (adv.)

‘out, forth, forwards, away’
ONP (prose citations):589728113
SkP: 129127911 (prose):20601392394

forms: Fram nom m sg, framarr, framaʀ, framazt, framarst, framast, framarstr, framazst, frammara, frammazst, framaz, þrammast, framarre, framarri, frem, Framm, fraᴍ, framastur, frammast, frammare, frammar, frammazt, Framar, f[ra]m, frammaʀ, frama[z], frammazsth, frammaszt, frommare, framaʀʀ, þram, fremst, fremzt, fremz, frmz, frammari, framm, framar, fram, frémr, fra m, fremr, framarſt


Anon Líkn 6VII, l. 4: framkvæmdan ‘produced’
Anon Pl 7VII, l. 4: framlyndum ‘to the brave’
ESk Geisl 28VII, l. 4: framlyndum ‘the forward-striving’
ESk Geisl 42VII, l. 3: framlyndr ‘the bold-minded’
ESk Øxfl 8III, l. 8: framræði ‘glorious deeds’
Sigv ErfÓl 7I, l. 8: framlundaðr ‘The eager-spirited’
Sturl Hrafn 15II, l. 2: framstiklir ‘dispenser’
Þhorn Harkv 6I, l. 3: framlyndi ‘courageous’
Þjóð Yt 1I, l. 1: framgengt ‘fulfilled’
Herv Lv 2VIII (Heiðr 15), l. 3: framgenginna ‘deceased’
Hjþ Lv 10VIII (HjǪ 30), l. 3: framvísum ‘to the prophetic’
Hjþ Lv 14VIII (HjǪ 41), l. 2: framkeyri ‘the forward-driver’

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