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Runic Dictionary

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Heimskringla (Hkr)

prose works

Ynglinga saga (Yng) - 105

Ynglinga sagaYngII

Not published: do not cite (YngII)

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45 — Yng ch. 45

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dauða dauði (noun m.) [°-a; -ar] ‘death...’acc. m. sg.
hans hann (pron.) [°gen. hans, dat. honum; f. hon, gen. hennar, acc. hana] ‘he, she, it, they, them......’gen. m. sg.
lagði leggja (verb) ‘put, lay...’3rd pers. pret. sg.
Hálfdan Halfdan (noun m.) ‘Hálfdan...’nom. m. sg.
konungur konungr (noun m.) [°dat. -i, -s; -ar] ‘king...’nom. m. sg.
Vermaland gen. f. sg.
undir undir (prep.) ‘under...’
sig sik (pron.) [°gen. sín, dat. sér] ‘(refl. pron.)...’acc. m. sg.
og 3ok (conj.) ‘and, but; also...’
tók 2taka (verb) ‘take...’3rd pers. pret. sg.
skatta skatta (verb)infinitive;
af 2af (adv.) ‘from...’
og 3ok (conj.) ‘and, but; also...’
setti setja (verb) ‘place, set, establish...’3rd pers. pret. sg.
þar þar (adv.) ‘there...’
jarla jarl (noun m.) [°-s, dat. -i; -ar] ‘poet, earl...’acc. m. pl.
yfir yfir (prep.) ‘over...’
meðan meðan (conj.) ‘while...’
hann hann (pron.) [°gen. hans, dat. honum; f. hon, gen. hennar, acc. hana] ‘he, she, it, they, them......’nom. m. sg.
lifði. lifa (verb) ‘live...’3rd pers. pret. sg.


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