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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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parts: 2fjǫl (noun n.) ‘very...’ • 2-kynja (verb) ‘[kindled]...’

Eyv Hál 5I l. 5: fjǫlkynt ‘the well’

Anon Gyð 2VII, l. 6: fjölmætr ‘The very distinguished’
Anon Leið 19VII, l. 4: fjǫlhress ‘The very hearty’
Anon Líkn 14VII, l. 8: fjöldyggr ‘Very faithful’
Anon Pl 55VII, l. 1: fjǫlkostig ‘the many-virtued’
Anon Sól 5VII, l. 6: fjölvaran ‘very cautious’
ESk Geisl 24VII, l. 4: fjǫlgóðr ‘good’
ESk Hardr II 1II, l. 5: fjǫlnenninn ‘the very vigorous’
Eskál Vell 37I, l. 1: fjǫlkostigr ‘many-virtued’
Anon Lil 15VII, l. 7: fjölkunnigr ‘knowing magic’
Anon Lil 44VII, l. 4: fjölkunnigan ‘the clever’
Eyv Hál 5I, l. 5: fjǫlkunnt ‘the well-known’
Hskv Útdr 7II, l. 6: fjǫlmennum ‘the well-manned’
Sigv Berv 5II, l. 6: fjǫlblíðs ‘of the most friendly’
Sigv Berv 5II, l. 2: fjǫlgegn ‘most just’
Sigv ErfÓl 16I, l. 3: fjǫlkunnigra ‘of the magic-skilled’
Sturl Hrafn 16II, l. 2: fjölmagnat ‘The sorcery-strengthened’
Valg Har 7II, l. 6: fjǫlmennr ‘with strong numbers’

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Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated