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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Skaldic Database

Database editor: Tarrin Wills

This is an interface to the skaldic database. Published volumes are available publicly after two years from the publication date. Subscribers to the printed volumes who are logged in will be able to access editions and additional material. Members of the project can access further materials which cannot be published for copyright reasons.

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Institutional subscribers have access through this interface to the content of the volume(s) purchased by the institution, including biographies, introductions, editions, translations, notes and variant apparatus; in addition, access is available to high-resolution images of certain manuscripts, searchable edition and transcriptions and other data. This additional material will appear automatically as you browse the skalds, poems, manuscripts and prose works here when logged in.

Transcriptions require a Unicode/MUFI-compatible font such as Junicode or Palemonas MUFI to be installed. See the MUFI font page.

Material here that is not in the printed edition is provided at no additional cost. However, such material may not be quality-controlled to the same level as the content of the printed volumes.

Published volumes (available):

2. Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 2: From c. 1035 to c. 1300


Volume 2

Introduction, bibliography and appendices

A. Poetry by Named Skalds
Magnús inn góði Óláfsson (Mgóð)
    • Lausavísur (Mgóð Lv)
Kolgrímr litli (Kolgr)
    • Poem about Óláfr helgi (Kolgr Ól)
Þorgeirr flekkr (Þflekk)
    • Lausavísa (Þflekk Lv)
Sigvatr Þórðarson (Sigv)
    • Bersǫglisvísur (Sigv Berv)
Oddr kíkinaskáld (Okík)
    • Poem about Magnús góði (Okík Magn)
Haraldr harðráði Sigurðarson (Hharð)
    • Gamanvísur (Hharð Gamv)
    • Lausavísur (Hharð Lv)
Þjóðólfr Arnórsson (ÞjóðA)
    • Magnússflokkr (ÞjóðA Magnfl)
    • Stanzas about Magnús Óláfsson in Danaveldi (ÞjóðA Magn)
    • Runhent poem about Haraldr (ÞjóðA Run)
    • Sexstefja (ÞjóðA Sex)
    • Stanzas about Haraldr Sigurðarson’s leiðangr (ÞjóðA Har)
    • Fragments (ÞjóðA Frag)
    • Lausavísur (ÞjóðA Lv)
Arnórr jarlaskáld Þórðarson (Arn)
    • Rǫgnvaldsdrápa (Arn Rǫgndr)
    • Hrynhenda, Magnússdrápa (Arn Hryn)
    • Magnússdrápa (Arn Magndr)
    • Þorfinnsdrápa (Arn Þorfdr)
    • Haraldsdrápa (Arn Hardr)
    • Lausavísa (Arn Lv)
Illugi bryndœlaskáld (Ill)
    • Poem about Haraldr harðráði (Ill Har)
Bǫlverkr Arnórsson (Bǫlv)
    • Drápa about Haraldr harðráði (Bǫlv Hardr)
Þórarinn Skeggjason (ÞSkegg)
    • Haraldsdrápa (ÞSkegg Hardr)
Grani skáld (Grani)
    • Poem about Haraldr harðráði (Grani Har)
Valgarðr á Velli (Valg)
    • Poem about Haraldr harðráði (Valg Har)
Þorleikr fagri (Þfagr)
    • Flokkr about Sveinn Úlfsson (Þfagr Sveinn)
Sneglu-Halli (SnH)
    • Lausavísur (SnH Lv)
Þorgils fiskimaðr (Þfisk)
    • Lausavísur (Þfisk Lv)
Halli stirði (Halli XI)
    • Flokkr (Halli XI Fl)
Hjǫrtr (Hjǫrtr)
    • Lausavísur (Hjǫrtr Lv)
Úlfr stallari Óspaksson (Úlfr)
    • Lausavísa (Úlfr Lv)
Stúfr inn blindi Þórðarson kattar (Stúfr)
    • Stúfsdrápa (Stúfr Stúfdr)
Steinn Herdísarson (Steinn)
    • Nizarvísur (Steinn Nizv)
    • Úlfsflokkr (Steinn Úlffl)
    • Óláfsdrápa (Steinn Óldr)
Þorkell Skallason (ÞSkall)
    • Valþjófsflokkr (ÞSkall Valfl)
Magnús berfœttr Óláfsson (Mberf)
    • Lausavísur (Mberf Lv)
Steigar-Þórir Þórðarson (SteigÞ)
    • Kviðlingr (SteigÞ Kv)
Kali Sæbjarnarson (Kali)
    • Lausavísa (Kali Lv)
Bjǫrn krepphendi (Bkrepp)
    • Magnússdrápa (Bkrepp Magndr)
Eldjárn (Eldj)
    • Lausavísur (Eldj Lv)
Þorkell hamarskáld (Þham)
    • Magnússdrápa (Þham Magndr)
    • Lausavísa (Þham Lv)
Gísl Illugason (Gísl)
    • Erfikvæði about Magnús berfœttr (Gísl Magnkv)
    • Lausavísa (Gísl Lv)
Markús Skeggjason (Mark)
    • Eiríksdrápa (Mark Eirdr)
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Sigurðr jórsalafari Magnússon (Sjórs)
    • Lausavísur (Sjórs Lv)
Gullásu-Þórðr (GullásÞ)
    • Víðkunnsdrápa (GullásÞ Víðdr)
    • Lausavísa (GullásÞ Lv)
Þórarinn stuttfeldr (Þstf)
    • Stuttfeldardrápa (Þstf Stuttdr)
    • Lausavísur (Þstf Lv)
Halldórr skvaldri (Hskv)
    • Útfararkviða (Hskv Útkv)
    • Útfarardrápa (Hskv Útdr)
    • Haraldsdrápa (Hskv Hardr)
Ingimarr af Aski Sveinsson (Ingimarr)
    • Lausavísa (Ingimarr Lv)
Sigurðr slembidjákn Magnússon (Slembir)
    • Lausavísa (Slembir Lv)
Ívarr Ingimundarson (Ív)
    • Sigurðarbálkr (Ív Sig)
Kolli inn prúði (Kolli)
    • Ingadrápa (Kolli Ingdr)
Bǫðvarr balti (Balti)
    • Sigurðardrápa (Balti Sigdr)
Einarr Skúlason (ESk)
    • Sigurðardrápa I (ESk Sigdr I)
    • Haraldsdrápa I (ESk Hardr I)
    • Haraldsdrápa II (ESk Hardr II)
    • Haraldssonakvæði (?) (ESk Harsonkv)
    • Sigurðardrápa II (ESk Sigdr II)
    • Runhenda (ESk Run)
    • Eysteinsdrápa (ESk Eystdr)
    • Ingadrápa (ESk Ingdr)
    • Elfarvísur (ESk Elfv)
    • Lausavísur (ESk Lv)
Rǫgnvaldr jarl Kali Kolsson (Rv)
    • Lausavísur (Rv Lv)
Hallr Þórarinsson breiðmaga (Hbreiðm)
    • Lausavísa (Hbreiðm Lv)
Eiríkr (Eir)
    • Lausavísa (Eir Lv)
Oddi inn litli Glúmsson (Oddi)
    • Lausavísur (Oddi Lv)
Ármóðr (Árm)
    • Lausavísur (Árm Lv)
Þorbjǫrn svarti (Þsvart)
    • Lausavísa (Þsvart Lv)
Sigmundr ǫngull (Sigm)
    • Lausavísur (Sigm Lv)
Bótólfr begla (Bót)
    • Lausavísa (Bót Lv)
Þorbjǫrn skakkaskáld (Þskakk)
    • Erlingsdrápa (Þskakk Erldr)
Hallr Snorrason (HSn)
    • Lausavísur (HSn Lv)
Bjarni Kálfsson (BjKálfs)
    • Lausavísa (BjKálfs Lv)
Máni (Máni)
    • Lausavísur (Máni Lv)
Nefari (Nefari)
    • Lausavísa (Nefari Lv)
Blakkr (Blakkr)
    • Breiðskeggsdrápa (Blakkr Breiðdr)
    • Lausavísur (Blakkr Lv)
Játgeirr Torfason (Játg)
    • Lausavísa (Játg Lv)
Snækollr Gunnason (Snæk)
    • Lausavísa (Snæk Lv)
Óláfr hvítaskáld Þórðarson (Ólhv)
    • Poem about Hákon (Ólhv Hák)
    • Hrynhenda (Ólhv Hryn)
    • Lausavísur (Ólhv Lv)
Gizurr Þorvaldsson (Giz)
    • Hákonardrápa (Giz Hákdr)
Sturla Þórðarson (Sturl)
    • Hrynhenda (Sturl Hryn)
    • Hákonarkviða (Sturl Hákkv)
    • Hrafnsmál (Sturl Hrafn)
    • Hákonarflokkr (Sturl Hákfl)
    • Drápa about Magnús lagabœtir (Sturl Magndr)
B. Anonymous Poetry
I. Anonymous Poems
Nóregs konungatal (Anon Nkt)
Haraldsstikki (Anon Harst)
Poem about Magnús lagabœtir (Anon Mlag)
II. Anonymous Lv
Lausavísa from Magnúss saga góða ok Haralds harðráða (Anon (MH))
Lausavísur from Haralds saga Sigurðarsonar (Anon (HSig))
Lausavísur from Óláfs saga kyrra (Anon (Ólkyrr))
Lausavísa from Knýtlinga saga (Anon (Knýtl))
Lausavísur from Magnúss saga berfœtts (Anon (Mberf))
Lausavísur from Haraldssona saga (Anon (Hsona))
Lausavísa from Orkneyinga saga (Anon (Orkn))
Lausavísa from Magnúss saga Erlingssonar (Anon (MErl))
Lausavísur from Sverris saga (Anon (Sv))
Lausavísur from Hákonar saga Hákonarsonar (Anon (Hák))

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