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DR MLUHM1983-84;131 (DR MLUHM1983-84;131) - Lilla Köpinge

inscription; SRDB period: V (ca. 800, arkeologisk datering); not skaldic;

Location: Lilla Köpinge, Stora Köpinge sn, Herrestads hd, Skåne;
Google maps: 55.46,13.9351

Samnordisk runtextdatabas:
siglum: DR MLUHM1983-84;131 
place: Lilla Köpinge 
parish: Stora Köpinge sn 
district: Herrestads hd, Skåne 
placement: Lunds universitets historiska museum i Lund 
coordinates: 6149400.1381700 
original place?:  
new coords:  
RAÄ number:  
rune types:  
cross form:  
period/dating: V (ca. 800, arkeologisk datering) 
style group:  
material/object: kamfragment av horn 
image link:  
rune text: ur(m)iltʀ ku¶(a)þ þat
old west norse: Ormhildr kvað þat
original language: OrmhildR kvaþ þat
english: §A Ormhildr said this/that §B ... §C ...  
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magic attitude (CO): neutral 
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