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Guðrún Nordal (9)

Guðrún Nordal

1992. Skáldið Snorri Sturluson

1992-2006. Íslensk bókmenntasaga

1997. Skáldatal and its Manuscript Context in Kringla and Uppsalaedda

1998. Ethics and Action in Thirteenth-century Iceland

1999. Samtíminn í spegli fortíðar

2001. Tools of Literacy: The Role of Skaldic Verse in Icelandic Textual Culture of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries

2008. The Dialogue between Audience and Text: The Variants in Verse Citations in Njáls saga’s Manuscripts

2009. Metrical Learning and the First Grammatical Treatise

2015. Ars metrica and the Compositon of Egil’s Saga

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