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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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image of Traj 1374x folio <45v>

Þul Sjóvar 4III (34-34)
    ‘Hefring, alda,’
Þul Á 1III (2-2) -
    ‘Gjǫll, glit, gera,’
Þul Á 2III (3-3)
    ‘Þyn, rín ok nið,’
Þul Á 3III (5-5)
    ‘Tífr, durn, vína,’
Þul Á 4III (7-7)
    ‘Rǫgn, hrǫnn ok raun,’
Þul Á 5III (9-9)
    ‘Gilling ok níl,’
Þul Á 6III (10-10)
    ‘Nyt, hrǫnn ok nauð,’
Þul Fiska 1III (13-13)
    ‘Lax ok langa,’
Þul Fiska 2III (14-14)
    ‘Síld, seiðr, skata,’
Þul Fiska 3III (16-16)
    ‘Fjǫrsungr, þrǫmmungr’
Þul Fiska 4III (18-18)
    ‘Þyrsklingr, upsi,’
Þul Hvala 1III (21-21)
    ‘Hafrhvalr, geirhvalr’
Þul Hvala 2III (23-23)
    ‘Norðhvalr, búrhvalr,’
Þul Skipa 1III (26-26)
    ‘Nú mun ek skýra’
Þul Skipa 2III (27-27)
    ‘Byrðingr, búza,’
Þul Skipa 3III (29-29)
    ‘Hringr, gnóð, freki,’
Þul Skipa 4III (30-30)
    ‘Knǫrr, kuggr, knúi,’
Þul Skipa 5III (33-33)
    ‘Segl, skǫr, sigla,’

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Snorra Edda

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Traj 1374, 45v (b200dpi)
Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated