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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gade, Kari Ellen (24)

Kari Ellen Gade

1985a. Hanging in Northern Law and Literature

1985b. Skjalf

1986. Homosexuality and Rape of Males in Old Norse Law and Literature

1988. The Concept of a Syntactic Caesura in Old Norse Dróttkvætt Poetry

1989a. Hans Kuhn’s Das Dróttkvætt: Some Critical Considerations

1989b. Penile Puns: Personal Names and Phallic Symbols in Skaldic Poetry

1991. Fang and Fall: Two Skaldic termini technici

1993. Þórðr Kolbeinsson

1994. On the Recitation of Old Norse Skaldic Poetry

1995a. The Structure of Old Norse dróttkvætt Poetry

1995b. Einarr Þambarskelfir’s Last Shot

1995c. Einarr Þambarskelfir, Again

1995d. Quantitätsverschiebungen in der Dróttkvætt-Dichtung des 13. und 14. Jahrhunderts

1997. Northern Lights on the Battle of Hastings

1998. Kaupangr – Þrándheimr – Niðaróss: On the Dating of the Old Norse Kings’ Sagas

2000. Poetry and its Changing Importance in Medieval Icelandic Culture

2001a. Morkinskinna’s “Giffarðsþáttr”: Literary Fiction or Historical Fact?

2001b. The Dating and Attributions of Verses in the Skald Sagas

2002a. History of Old Nordic Metrics

2002b. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages: A New Edition

2004. Morkinskinna and 25th September 1066

2005. The Syntax of Old Norse kviðuháttr Meter

2006. “Hǫðr ... sonr Óðins” – but did Snorri know that?

2007. Ælfric in Iceland

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