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falla (verb)

ONP (prose citations):1363727565
SkP: 204127911 (prose):14291392394

forms: fellat, fallit, felldan, fallask, fellumk, falt acc n sg, fellr, fellu, Falla, Fallast, Fallinn nom m sg, Fellur sg 3rd pres, Féll nom m sg 3rd pret, Féllu pl 3rd pret, fallast infinitive, fallin pret participle, fallið nom n sg pret, fellst, fellur sg 3rd pres, féll sg pret, félli sg, féllist, féllst sg 3rd pret, féllu pl 3rd pret, féllust pl 3rd pret, fællr, Felli, Fellu, f*alla, Fell, fial, feal, fli, fi..., fala, l=f, fel, fal, fil, -ial, fai, Fellr, Falli, Fellumk, fallnar, Fallnir, fellvr, fallaz, falli, fallna, fellr, fǫllnum, feldak, fallinn, fallnir, ellı, ell, fellu, felli, fell, falla, fiellu, föllum, fello, faꝇa, fallandi, fęꝇ, felt, falliɴ, fellzc, felldr, föllnu, fallins



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