Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to stanza

1. 3. Þorbjǫrn hornklofi, 1. Glymdrápa, 9 [Vol. 1, 90]

[All]: The content of the stanza, praise addressed directly to the king, differs from that of other stanzas of Gldr. It may be the stef ‘refrain’ of the drápa (Vogt 1930a, 172; Engster 1983, 204; Naumann 1998, 239), or it may be a grand finale as in Skj, Skald and this edn (on this see Holtsmark 1927, 53). Fidjestøl (1982, 191) also considers whether the stanza might properly appear at the beginning and offers Arn Hryn 3II for comparison. This is unlikely, however, because the stanza lacks the typical motifs of introductory stanzas, such as a call for a hearing or an announcement of a poem.


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