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Data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas

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Faulkes, Anthony (18)

Anthony Faulkes

1964. The Sources of Specimen Lexici Runici

1977-9. Two Versions of Snorra Edda from the 17th Century. I: Edda Magnúsar Ólafssonar (Laufás Edda). II. Edda Islandorum Völuspá. Hávamál. P. H. Resen’s Editions of 1665

1977a. Edda Íslandorum. Völuspá. Hávamál

1977b. The Genealogies and Regnal Lists in a Manuscript in Resen’s Library

1978-9. Descent from the Gods

1979. Edda Magnúsar Ólafssonar (Laufás Edda)

1983. Pagan Sympathy: Attitudes to Heathendom in the Prologue to Snorra Edda

1985. Codex Trajectinus: The Utrecht Manuscript of the Prose Edda

1985. Codex Trajectinus: The Utrecht Manuscript of the Prose Edda

1987. Snorri Sturluson. Edda

1992. The Use of Snorri's Verse-Forms by Earlier Norse Poets

1993. Viking Revaluations: Viking Society Centenary Symposium 14-15 May 1992

1993a. Magnúsarkver: The Writings of Magnús Ólafsson of Laufás

1993b. The Sources of Skáldskaparmál: Snorri’s Intellectual Background

1997. Poetical Inspiration in Old Norse and Old English Poetry

2010. Magnús Ólafsson of Laufás: Specimen lexici runici and Glossarium priscæ linguæ danicæ.

2011a. A New Introduction to Old Norse, Part II: Reader

2011b. Two Icelandic Stories: Hreiðars þáttr, Orms þáttr

Runic data from Samnordisk runtextdatabas, Uppsala universitet, unless otherwise stated