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U 488 (U488) - Morby, Mora stenar

inscription; date not specified; not skaldic;

Sweden: Uppland
Location: Morby, Mora stenar, Lagga sn, Långhundra hd;
Swedish map: X:1610797 Y:6632663
Google maps: 59.7987,17.7768
RAÄ: Lagga 61:1

Samnordisk runtextdatabas:
siglum: U 488 $ 
place: Morby, Mora stenar 
parish: Lagga sn 
district: Långhundra hd 
coordinates: 6632663:1610797 
original place?:  
new coords: 6632653.1610668 
RAÄ number: 61 (nuv. plats) [objektid=10025200610001] 
rune types:  
cross form: A4; B1; ?; D1; E3; F3; 0 
style group:
material/object: fragment av runsten, grå granit 
reference: $=ATA Dnr 5369/58  
image link:  
rune text: ...ra : kuþ hial... ... 
old west norse: ... Guð hjal[pi] ... 
original language: ... Guð hial[pi] ... 
english: ... May God help ...  
User-contributed fields:
references to women (MZ):  
magic category (CO):  
magic attitude (CO): neutral 
invocation to (DD): God 
object (PC): runestone fragment 
material (PC): stone, granite, grey 
object/material translation (PC): runestone fragment, grey granite 

other readings/interpretations

Nottingham rune dictionary words: Guð - hialpa


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