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Middle Ages (Run)

volume 6; ed. Edith Marold;

VI. 17. Orkney (UK Orkney) - 1

stanzas:  Or Barnes20 

This edition is currently in preparation and will be published in a forthcoming volume of the series. The text below is from a superseded edition (Skj where relevant). Do not refer to this site when using the text below.

1 — Run Or Barnes20VI

Br Barnes20, 1 (d100dpi)

The following text is from a superseded edition and is not the work of the editor(s) named on this page. It is included for reference only. Do not refer to this site when using this text but rather consult the original edition (Skj where relevant).

Þessar rúnar reist sá maðr

editions: Skj Not in Skj;

Farrer 1862, 33, 34, Pl. X; Barnes 1994, 144-58, 279-83, Pl. 48-52. — Olsen 1903, 18-21; 1932b; Finnur Jónsson 1904-5b; Krüger and Busch 2016.


Br Barnes20 (Br Barnes20) 1, 1 - 1, 2  image  image  image  
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