Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to stanza

7. Einarr Skúlason (biog. vol. 2), Geisli, 64 [Vol. 7, 59]

[5-8]: The second helmingr differs substantially between Flat and Bb, and neither is fully satisfactory. Here Flat’s version is followed, beginning with a subordinate cl., (‘in this life, where’) and assuming a suppressed at (which is quite irregular), while Bb’s (followed by Skj B and Skald), begins with the rel. pron. þær es (f. pl.), referring directly back to gjafar (l. 4). Following the Bb text (with minor emendation of ‘hims’ to heims in l. 5 and skrín to skríns in l. 8) gives the following sense: þærs heitfastr jǫfurr heims ok himna veitir sínum dýrðarvin – skreytt skríns of dróttin skatna ‘(the gifts) which the oath-firm king of the world and the heavens grants to his honoured friend – an ornamented shrine stands [lit. is] above the lord of men’.


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