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ek (pron.)

‘I, me’
ONP (prose citations):664723058
SkP: 1585127911 (prose):228641392394

forms: mér, mín, mier, mier, mæk, jak, mik(?), mér, mérs, mic, eg, Eg nom sg 1st, Mig f sg 1st, Mér m sg 1st, Oss, Við nom pl 1st, Vér nom pl 1st, okkar gen pl 1st, okkur pl 1st, Mier, Ek, Mik, Ek, m…, m-r, --k, ik, nuk, ...k, iak, ys, kik, Ec, ẹg̣, Mier, ek, vér, oss, mik, mig, mier, eg, e, meꝛ, mer, c, ec, k, mik, mín, ek, mér, ec, min, mc, omc, g, ec, vmc, cc, ec, mer, om, c, mic, męr, ck, ec, mer, ęc, c, ec, k, ec, z, miɴ, ég, mr, mnna, micſ, um, við


Oddi Lv 5II, l. 1: sák ‘I saw’
Sigv Lv 3I, l. 1: lastak ‘find fault’
TorfE Lv 4I, l. 1: hefk ‘I have’

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