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Prose works relevant to the database

Ynglinga saga (Yng)

Skaldic vol. 2; ed. Kari Ellen Gade

part of: Heimskringla

verse introduction manuscripts contents

mss from ONP, skaldic databases, and FASNL:
AM 37 folx (J1x) 2r-11v  edit
AM 45 fol (F) 1va-7va  image  edit
BergenUB 58x (x) 137v-163v  edit
BibStGen 3714x (x) 219r-265r  edit
BLAdd 11162x 1r-47v  edit
Holm papp 30 4°x (30x) 7r-76r  edit
Holm papp 43 4°x 2r-18r  edit
ÍB 251 4°x (251x) 139r-139r  image  edit
ÍBR 38 8°x 103r-124r  image  edit
Lbs 438 4°x 31r-32r  edit
NKS 1685 b 4tox (1685bx) 147r-149r; 193r-193r  edit

mss referred to in stanzas/text:  Adv 21 5 2x; AM 35 folx; AM 37 folx; AM 38 folx; AM 45 fol; AM 49 folx; AM 61 fol; AM 65 folx; AM 71 folx; AM 73 a folx; AM 75 e 5 fol; AM 76 a folx; AM 78 a folx; AM 242 fol; AM 743 4°x; AM 761 a 4°x; GKS 1005 fol; GKS 2367 4°; GKS 2368 4°x; Holm papp 18 folx; OsloUB 521 folx; Traj 1374x; UppsUB R 685x;

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