Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to stanza

1. 1. Þjóðólfr ór Hvini, 1. Ynglingatal, 16 [Vol. 1, 36]

[2] Aðils ‘of Aðils’: The Swedish king Aðils appears in several Scandinavian legends. In Beowulf he (Ēadgils, son of Ōhthere) vies with his uncle Onela for control of Sweden and is able to prevail with Beowulf’s help. Scandinavian prose sources (SnE 1998, I, 58; Yng, ÍF 26, 57; Skjǫldunga saga, ÍF 35, 29) report violent conflicts between Aðils and a Norwegian king, Áli inn upplenzki, whom he conquers in a battle on the frozen Lake Vänern (on this cf. also Anon Kálfv 3III). Áli inn upplenzki and Onela might be one and the same person, because the nickname upplenzki could mean ‘the one from Uppland’ (Olrik 1903-10, I, 203; Schneider 1933, 116-17). A prominent motif of the legend is the humiliation of Aðils by Hrólfr kraki by strewing gold on the plains of Fýrisvellir (see Note to Eyv Lv 8/3-4). Also, a fragment of a stanza from Hrólfs saga kraka (Anon Hrólf 1VIII) alludes to the fight between the two parties by the fire in the hall of Aðils. On Aðils cf. also Anon Bjark 1/8III.


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