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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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G 203 (G203) - Hogräns kyrka

inscription; SRDB period: V ca 1100;

Sweden: Gotland
Location: Högrans kyrka, Stenkumla ting - now in Gotlands Fornsal (C 10.645), Gotland, Sweden;
Swedish map: X:1649996 Y:6378241
Google maps: 57.5046,18.3077
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Samnordisk runtextdatabas:
siglum: G 203 $ 
place: Hogräns k:a 
parish: Hogräns sn 
district: Stenkumla ting 
placement: Gotlands fornsal (C 10.645) 
coordinates: 6378241:1649996 
original place?:  
new coords:  
RAÄ number:  
rune types:  
cross form: A1; B1; C10; D2; E6, E7; F3; 0 
period/dating: V ca 1100 
style group: Pr4 
material/object: runsten i bildstensform, kalksten 
reference: $=Snædal 2002:78ff 
image link:  
rune text: sigmutr let rasa sain eftiʀ bruþr : sina : auk : bro : kierua : eftiʀ : sikbiern : santa mikal hie[lbi] ... ...ans auk : at : botraif auk at sigraif : auk : at aibiern : faþur þaiʀa : altr : auk bikui han : i by : sunarst kaiʀuiþr lekþi ormaluʀ nemʀ : in[t]i uʀ
sikmutr [--fiʀ :] sliku : unit kuml
karmanum : þet aʀ [:] ... kun : hier : mun : stanta stain : a[t] : merki bietr a : bierki in bro furiʀ
roþ(b)iern risti run(i)ʀ [þ]esa kaiʀl-ifʀ sumaʀ aʀ karla kan 
old west norse: Sigmundr lét reisa stein eptir brœðr sína ok brú gera eptir Sigbjǫrn, sankta Mikjáll hjalpi [sál h]ans, ok at Bótreif ok at Sigreif ok at Eibjǫrn, fǫður þeira allra, ok bjó hann í bý sunnarst. Geirviðr lagði ormálur, Næmr/næmr innti ór.
Sigmundr [he]fr slíku unnit kuml.
Karlmǫnnum þat er ... kunn. Hér mun standa steinn at merki, bjartr á bergi, en brú fyrir.
Hróðbjǫrn risti rúnar þessar, Geirl[e]ifr sumar, er gørla kann. 
original language: Sigmundr let ræisa stæin æftiR brøðr sina ok bro gæra æftiR Sigbiærn, sankta Mikael hialpi [sial h]ans, ok at Botræif ok at Sigræif ok at Æibiærn, faður þæiRa allra, ok byggi hann i by sunnarst. GæiRviðr lagði ormaluR, NæmR/næmR innti uR.
Sigmundr [ha]fiR sliku unnit kumbl.
Karlmannum þet eR ... kunn. Hiar mun standa stæinn at mærki, biærtr a bergi, en bro fyriR.
Hroðbiærn risti runiR þessaR, GæiRl[æ]ifR sumaR, eR gørla kann. 
english: §A Sigmundr had the stone raised in memory of his brothers, and the bridge made in memory of Sigbjǫrn - may saint Michael help his soul - and in memory of Bótreifr and in memory of Sigreifr and in memory of Eibjǫrn, father of them all, and he lived in the most southern estate. Geirviðr laid the snake-loop(?), Næmr sorted them out. / skilful he sorted them out. §B Sigmundr has thus granted the monument. §C The men, who could ... Here may the stone stand as a landmark, clearly on the hill, and the bridge before it. §D Hróðbjǫrn carved these runes, Geirleifr some, which ... can.  
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magic attitude (CO): neutral 
invocation to (DD): St. Michael 
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