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Prose works relevant to the database

Máguss saga jarls (Mág)

Skaldic vol. 8; ed. Margaret Clunies Ross

verse introduction manuscripts contents

mss from ONP, skaldic databases, and FASNL:
AM 152 fol (152) 159va-196rb  image  edit
AM 152 1-2 fol 159v-196r  edit
AM 187 fol (187) 1r-105r  image  edit
AM 188 folx (188x) 1r-11v  edit
AM 397 folx 1r-102v  image  edit
AM 533 4° (533) 14r-14v; 15r-19v; 1v-45v; 1v-13v; 20r-20v; 21r-45v  edit
AM 534 4° (534) 1ra-24vb  edit
AM 535 4°x (535x) 1-471; 1r-236r  image  edit
AM 536 4°x (536x) 1-81; 1r-41r  edit
AM 556 b 4° (556b) 1r-24v  edit
AM 567 XVII α 4° (567XVII α) 1r-4v  edit
AM 567 XVII β 4° (567XVII β) 1r-3v  edit
AM 567 XVII γ 4° (567XVII γ) 1r-1v  edit
AM 580 4° (580) 23r-34v  edit
AM 590 a 4°x (590ax) 1v-62r  image  edit
AM 591 a 4°x (591ax) 1r-1r  edit
AM 591 b 4°x (591bx) 1r-18v  edit
AM 592 a 4°x (592ax) 1r-29v  edit
AM 592 b 4°x (592bx) 1r-8v  edit
AM 948 g 4°x (948gx) 1r-212v  edit
BLAdd 4860x (4860x) 157r-188v  edit
BLAdd 4874x (4874x) 1r-66r  edit
GKS 1002 fol (1002) 61r-79r  image  edit
GKS 1002-1003 folx -  edit
Holm papp 58 folx (58x) 218r-408v  image  edit
Holm papp 98 folx 403r-406v  edit
Holm papp 5 4°x (papp5x) 18r-41r  edit
Holm papp 6 4°x (papp6x) 352r-384v  edit
Holm papp 17 4°x (papp17x) 136r-180r  edit
Holm papp 25 8°x (papp25x) 83v-83v  image  edit
ÍB 106x (ÍB106x) -  edit
ÍB 116x (ÍB116x) -  edit
ÍB 144x (ÍB144x) -  edit
ÍB 173x (ÍB173x) 1r-150v  edit
ÍBR 6 folx (ÍBR6x) 35r-86v; 71-174  image  edit
ÍB 106 4°x -  edit
ÍB 116 4°x -  edit
ÍB 144 4°x 196r-245v  edit
ÍB 173 4°x 1r-75v  edit
ÍB 423 4°x (ÍB423x) 1r-50v  image  edit
ÍB 752 8°x (ÍB 7528°x) 4v-80v  edit
ÍBR 97 4°x (ÍBR97x) 147r-207v  image  edit
Jón Samsonarson 3 4tox (x) 1r-88r  edit
JS 12 folx (JS12x) 126r-143v  image  edit
JS 27 folx (27x) 40r-61r  image  edit
JS 40 4°x (JS40x) 93r-119v  image  edit
JS 623 4°x 135v-198v  image  edit
JS 625 4°x 25r-50v  image  edit
JS 631 4°x 109r-61r  edit
JS 12 8°x 1r-68r  edit
JS 410 8°x 1r-70v  edit
Lbs 221 folx (Lbs221x) 51r-67v  image  edit
Lbs 325 folx 18v-34r  image  edit
Lbs 152 4°x 84r-128v  image  edit
Lbs 514 4°x (514x) 1r-170v  edit
Lbs 638 4°x 23-80r  edit
Lbs 1031 4°x (1031x) 1r-77r  edit
Lbs 1218 4°x 46v-78v; 78v-91r  image  edit
Lbs 1331 4°x 77r-119v  edit
Lbs 1499 4°x (1499x) -  edit
Lbs 1567 4°x 12r-55v  image  edit
Lbs 1680 4°x (1680x) 112r-205v; 223r-410v  edit
Lbs 1762 4°x 61r-95v  edit
Lbs 3120 4°x (3120x) 1r-336v  edit
Lbs 2497 8°x 176-357  edit
Lbs 4370 8°x 177r-235v  edit
Lbs 4776 8°x -  edit
Lbs 4902 8°x -  edit
Lbs 5134 8°x -  edit
NKS 1685 b 4tox (1685bx) 116r-122r  edit
NKS 1696 4°x (1696x) 38r-45r  edit
NKS 1787 4°x (1787x) 1-368  edit
Rask 33x (Rask33x) -; 1r-72r  edit
Rostock 78x (x) 1r-117r  edit
Thott 978 fol (978) 1r-13r  edit

mss referred to in stanzas/text:  AM 152 fol; AM 187 fol; AM 535 4°x; AM 590 a 4°x; AM 948 g 4°x; Holm papp 58 folx; Holm papp 25 8°x; ÍBR 6 folx; Lbs 514 4°x; Lbs 1031 4°x; Lbs 1499 4°x; Lbs 1680 4°x; Lbs 3120 4°x; NKS 1787 4°x;

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