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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Index taken from the published volumes, with supplementary materials

category group myth object person place term

Mythological beings, including gods and goddesses, giants and giantesses, dwarfs, sea-kings, mythological objects and places.

Jǫrð, Earth, goddess (1)


Jǫrð, Earth, goddess

Hlóðyn, a name for Jǫrð — Eskál Vell 26/3

Jǫrð, a goddess, mother of the god Þórr — Hár Lv 2/5

names:  Fjǫrgyn  [Fjǫrgyn (noun f.)] –  Hlóðyn  [Hlǫðyn (noun f.) ‘Hlóðyn, Hlǫðyn...’] –  Jǫrð  [2Jǫrð (noun f.) ‘Jǫrð...’]

links to kennings:

Anon Nkt 17II: víf Hárs
‘Hárr’s wife’ = Jǫrð

Hárr’s wife → Jǫrð 

Anon Nkt 17II: beðja Þundar
‘Þundr’s bedmate’ = Jǫrð

Þundr’s bedmate → Jǫrð 

Anon Nkt 23II: man Yggs
‘Yggr’s girl’ = Jǫrð

Yggr’s girl, → Jǫrð 

Anon Nkt 42II: man Yggjar
‘Yggr’s girl’ = Jǫrð

Yggr’s girl → Jǫrð 

Anon Nkt 8II: beðja Þundar
‘the bedmate of Þundr’ = Jǫrð

the bedmate of Þundr → Jǫrð 

Edáð Banddr 3I: brúðr Yggjar
‘the bride of Yggr’ = Jǫrð

the bride of Yggr. → Jǫrð 

Eyv Hál 12I: brúðr valtýs
‘the bride of the slaughter-god’ = Jǫrð

the slaughter-god → Óðinn
the bride of ÓÐINN → Jǫrð 

Eyv Lv 8I: móðir dolgs mellu
‘of the mother of the enemy of the giantess’ = Jǫrð

the enemy of the giantess. → Þórr
the mother of ÞÓRR → Jǫrð 

Eyv Lv 9I: líki móðir dolgs jǫtna
‘the body of the mother of the enemy of the giants’ = Jǫrð

the enemy of the giants; → Þórr
the body of the mother of ÞÓRR → Jǫrð 

Gsind Hákdr 5I: því fljóð Ónars
‘that woman of Ónarr’ = Jǫrð

that woman of Ónarr, → Jǫrð 

Eyv Lv 12I: Vár Svǫlnis
‘the spouse of Svǫlnir’ = Jǫrð

the spouse of Svǫlnir → Jǫrð 

Sturl Hákkv 18II: grænni mála geir-Týs
‘the green wife of the spear-Týr’ = Jǫrð

the spear-Týr. → Óðinn
the green wife of ÓÐINN → Jǫrð 

Bragi Rdr 5III: vina Hergauts
‘of the mistress of Hergautr’ = Jǫrð

the mistress of Hergautr. → Jǫrð 

ÞjóðA Sex 3II: ómynda elja Rindar
‘the rival of Rindr lacking bride-payment’ = Jǫrð

the rival of Rindr lacking bride-payment. → Jǫrð 

ÞjóðA Sex 3II: haglfaldinni mær Ánars
‘the hail-coifed maiden of Ánarr’ = Jǫrð

the hail-coifed maiden of Ánarr → Jǫrð 

Þjóð Haustl 15III: ekkja Svǫlnis
‘the widow of Svǫlnir’ = Jǫrð

the widow of Svǫlnir → Jǫrð 

SnSt Ht 3III: mála bága úlfs
‘the wife of the wolf’s enemy’ = Jǫrð

the wolf’s enemy; → Óðinn
the wife of ÓÐINN → Jǫrð 

SnSt Ht 3III: rúna vinar Míms
‘of the confidante of Mímir’s friend’ = Jǫrð

Mímir’s friend. → Óðinn
the confidante of ÓÐINN → Jǫrð 

SnSt Ht 3III: eiða váða orms
‘the mother of the serpent’s harmer’ = Jǫrð

the serpent’s harmer; → Þórr
the mother of ÞÓRR → Jǫrð 

SnSt Ht 3III: móðir dólgs mellu
‘the mother of the giantess’s enemy’ = Jǫrð

the giantess’s enemy → Þórr
the mother of ÞÓRR → Jǫrð 

Tindr Hákdr 8I: man Þriðja
‘the maiden of Þriði’ = Jǫrð

the maiden of Þriði. → Jǫrð 

Ótt Óldr 5III: munlaust óskvíf víg-Freys
‘the loveless chosen wife of the battle-Freyr’ = Jǫrð

the battle-Freyr → Óðinn
the loveless chosen wife of ÓÐINN → Jǫrð 

Hfr Hákdr 5III: barrhaddaða biðkván Þriðja
‘the foliage-haired waiting wife of Þriði’ = Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’)

the foliage-haired waiting wife of Þriði → Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’) 

Hfr Hákdr 6III: systir Auðs
‘Auðr’s sister’ = Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’)

Auðr’s sister → Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’) 

Hfr Hákdr 7III: eingadóttir Ónars
‘the only daughter of Ónarr’ = Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’)

the only daughter of Ónarr, → Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’) 

Hfr Hákdr 8III: breiðleita brúðr Báleygs
‘the broad-faced bride of Báleygr’ = Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’)

the broad-faced bride of Báleygr → Jǫrð (jǫrð ‘earth’) 

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