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ed. not skaldic;

Sweden: Bohuslän (Bo) - 6

Sweden: Bohuslän

Not published: do not cite ()

runic texts:  Bo NIYR;1   Bo NIYR;2   Bo NIYR;3   Bo NIYR;4   Bo Boije4   Bo Peterson1992 

Runic Lexicon Bo Peterson1992

Bo Peterson1992, 1 (j1dpi)

Cite as: Not published: do not cite (Runic Lexicon Bo Peterson1992)

The following text is from a superseded edition and is not the work of the editor(s) named on this page. It is included for reference only. Do not refer to this site when using this text but rather consult the original edition (Skj where relevant).

Hǫr/Jór í Ám stein vann/þann hér á múla.


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