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drepa (verb)

‘kill, strike’
ONP (prose citations):373728073
SkP: 50127911 (prose):14161392394

forms: drapt*, drapa, dreptu, drepizk, drepask, drepr, drôpu, Drap sg 3rd pret, Drepa infinitive, Drepinn, Drepið, Drepur sg 3rd pres, Drápu pl 3rd pret, drep sg pres, drepast infinitive, drepi pres, drepin pret participle, drepir sg 2nd pres, drepið nom n sg, drepum pl 1st pres, drepur sg 3rd pres, drápu pl 3rd pret, drápust pl 3rd pret, dræpi sg, dræpu pl 3rd pret, dræpir sg 2nd pret, Drepum, Drepr, drapt, tribin, trbin, trebin, terebina, trib..., ...abu, trab-..., trbnfr, trabu, tr..., traþi, trab, þrebin, drápuð pl 2nd pret, drapst sg 2nd pret, drápi pres, drepnir, drap, drepit, drápum, drepr, ꝺrepa, ꝺrepı, ꝺꝛepa, drepinn, drepa, drepit, drap, drapo, drępi, drepiɴ, drapom, drap, drepit



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