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dóttir (noun f.)

ONP (prose citations):66726238
SkP: 56127911 (prose):16981392394

forms: tutir, Dætra, Dætur f pl, Dóttir nom f sg, Dóttur dat f sg, dætra, dæturnar, Dœtr, tutiR, tutur, totur, ...-ur, tuti?, tutr, tot?, tot-..., toti?, tutor, totu?, ...otur, iutur, ...tur, dottur, dóttr, dotter, dottor, dotterr, dótter, dꝍtr, dꝍtra, dꝍttrum, dꝍttr, dottvr, døtr, dꝍtter, dottir, dattr, dætur f pl, dąttr, dœtr, dętur, dóttor, dætrum dat f pl, dęttrum, dœttr, dꝍttrom, ðottir, d́tr, dætr, dættr, déotr, Dotter, dętra, Dętr, dottr, Dottir, dædrnar, dotturinni, dỏ́tr, ḍọtter, d*óttur, ꝺotter, dóttur, dóttur, dóttir, d*óttur, dottꝩr, dǫtr, dot̨vr, dottir, dottvr, dot̨ir, dǫtra, dottir, r óttir, dǿtr


Anon Vitn 3VII, l. 4: framadóttur ‘outstanding daughter’
Anon Vitn 4VII, l. 4: konungsdóttur ‘the king’s daughter’
Hfr Hákdr 7III, l. 3: eingadóttur ‘the only daughter’
Herv Lv 8VIII (Heiðr 25), l. 3: eingadóttir ‘only daughter’

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