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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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AM 395 folx (395 folx)

paper; in Reykjavík; c1700-1800; not skaldic;

Some of the information in this record derives from Stories for all time (FASNL) description: Icelandic

The Arnamagnæan Collection, Den arnamagnæanske samling, Nordisk forskningsinstitut, University of Copenhagen and Stofnun Árna Magnússonar í íslenskum fræðum, Reykjavík

contents from the ONP and skaldic databases:

Ljósvetninga saga 2r-37r
Þórarins þáttr ofsa 36r-37r
Valla-Ljóts saga 40r-52v
Svarfdœla saga 57r-92v
Flóamanna saga 93r-113v
Gunnars saga Keldugnúpsfífls 114r-122v
Finnboga saga ramma 123r-153r
Brandkrossa þáttr 154r-157v
Vápnfirðinga saga 158r-173v
Hrómundar saga Greipssonar 175r-182r
Áns saga bogsveigis 183r-200r  image
Bragða-Ölvis saga 201r-206r
Hjálmþés saga ok Ǫlvis 201r-206r
Mírmants saga 207r-238v
Kirjalax saga 240r-284r
Hálfdanar saga Eysteinssonar 285r-302r
Elís saga ok Rósamundar 303r-328r
Fertrams saga ok Platós 329r-351r
Friðþjófs saga ins frœkna 352r-365r  image
Úlfs saga Uggasonar 366r-374r
Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks 375r-402r  image
Ála flekks saga 403r-415r
Clarus saga 416r-432r
Parcivals saga 433r-449v
Ívents saga 451r-465v

AM Photo Libary

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187r b 150dpi 24-31: Án bogsveigir Lausavísur 1 Án
188r b 150dpi 22-28: Án bogsveigir Lausavísur 2 Án
188v b 150dpi 15-22: Án bogsveigir Lausavísur 3 Án
191r b 150dpi 27-34: Án bogsveigir Lausavísur 4 Án
192r b 150dpi 11-19: Án bogsveigir Lausavísur 5 Án
357r b 150dpi Frið
357v b 150dpi Frið
358r b 150dpi Frið
358v b 150dpi Frið
363v b 150dpi Frið
364r b 150dpi Frið
378v b 150dpi Heiðr
379r b 150dpi Heiðr
379v b 150dpi Heiðr
380r b 150dpi Heiðr
380v b 150dpi Heiðr
381r b 150dpi Heiðr
381v b 150dpi Heiðr
382r b 150dpi Heiðr
382v b 150dpi Heiðr
383r b 150dpi Heiðr
383v b 150dpi Heiðr
384r b 150dpi Heiðr
384v b 150dpi Heiðr
385r b 150dpi Heiðr
385v b 150dpi Heiðr
391v b 150dpi Heiðr
392r b 150dpi Heiðr
392v b 150dpi Heiðr
393r b 150dpi Heiðr
393v b 150dpi Heiðr
394r b 150dpi Heiðr
394v b 150dpi Heiðr
395r b 150dpi Heiðr
395v b 150dpi Heiðr
396r b 150dpi Heiðr
396v b 150dpi Heiðr
397r b 150dpi Heiðr
397v b 150dpi Heiðr
398r b 150dpi Heiðr
398v b 150dpi Heiðr
399r b 150dpi Heiðr
399v b 150dpi Heiðr
400r b 150dpi Heiðr
400v b 150dpi Heiðr
401r b 150dpi Heiðr
401v b 150dpi Heiðr
402r b 150dpi Heiðr
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