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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þormóðr Kolbrúnarskáld (Þorm)

11th century; volume 5; ed. R. D. Fulk;

I. Lausavísur (Lv) - 33

Skj info: Þórmóðr Bersason Kolbrúnarskáld, Islandsk skjald, d. 1030. (AI, 277-88, BI, 256-66).

Skj poems:
1. Þórgeirsdrápa
2. Lausavísur

This edition is currently in preparation. The biography below may represent a superseded edition, notes and/or an interim or draft version. Do not cite this material without consulting the volume and skald editors.

Þormóðr Bersason’s (Þorm) story is told in Fóstbrœðra saga ‘Saga of the Sworn Brothers’ (Fbr), and on its witness he may be supposed to have been born c. 998 and to have died of a wound received in the battle of Stiklestad in 1030. The saga, however, is untrustworthy as to particulars, as the author seems to have derived most of his information about the poet from the poetry available to him. According to the saga, in childhood he and his friend Þorgeirr Hávarsson each swore that he would avenge the killing of the other if he lived. The latter, at the age of fifteen, avenged the killing of his father, initiating a string of thirteen killings commemorated in Þormóðr’s poem celebrating his sworn brother, ÞorgeirsdrápaDrápa about Þorgeirr’ (Þorgdr). Even though their friendship ended when Þormóðr was about fifteen, Þormóðr travelled to Greenland after Þorgeirr was killed (c. 1024), to take vengeance on the perpetrator Þorgrímr trolli (‘Troll’? see Note to Fbr 29/1) and three of his sons. The poet earned his nickname kolbrúnarskáld ‘Coal-brow’s Poet’ for having composed poetry in praise of Þórbjǫrg kolbrún Glúmsdóttir, though none of these survive (probably for reasons of a moral nature; see Boyer 1990, 80). According to Þormóðar þáttr (Þorm; see Þorm Lv 10-11I) he served King Knútr inn ríki Sveinsson (Cnut the Great) in Denmark before returning to Norway, where he spent the last part of his short life in the service of the king, Óláfr Haraldsson (S. Óláfr). According to a memorable passage in Hkr, on the morning of the battle of Stiklestad he recited Bjarkamál in fornu (Anon Bjark 1-2III) to rouse the king’s troops. For further biographical information, see Finnur Jónsson (1932-3, 31-3), ÍF 6, lii-lxx and Schach (1993).

Lausavísur — Þorm LvV (Fbr)

R. D. Fulk 2012, ‘(Introduction to) Þormóðr Kolbrúnarskáld, Lausavísur’ in Diana Whaley (ed.), Poetry from the Kings’ Sagas 1: From Mythical Times to c. 1035. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 1. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 820.

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Skj: Þórmóðr Bersason Kolbrúnarskáld: 2. Lausavísur (AI, 281-8, BI, 260-6)

SkP info: I, 829

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18 — Þorm Lv 18I

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Note: The following transcriptions have been entered to aid the editing process. These may not have been fully reviewed and checked and may therefore not be reliable. You may wish to consult the manuscript images. Any corrections can be notified to the database editor.

 Holm2 Breɴomll fyr | iɴan iɴey þꜹ er ver fiɴom lꜹnd tegaz herr m hiorfi hverbiorg fyrir gram veria ys hafi allir | iɴþrøndir col siɴa angr scal kveygt i clvngri kꜹlld ef ec ma vallda.  edit 
 972x Brennum all fýrer innan | in Eý tau er wer finnom | laund teger heriar med fior | fi. Huerburg fýrer gram | weria ýshafi allir Intrőn | der kol sinna angrer skall | kunnigt i klýngri kauld ef | ek ma radha. |   [VEÞ]  edit 
 972x Brennum aull fyri innan | Inn eý þau er finnum | laund tregaz her med hiorfi | her-biorg fyri gram veria: | Uss hafa alra husa | Inþrændr kol sinna | angr mun queikt i klungri | Kald ef ek ma valda. |   [VEÞ]  edit 
 J2x Brennum ꜹll fyr innann | inney þꜹ er ver finnum | lꜹnd tegaz heʀ með hiorvi | herbiorg fyr gram veria | ys hafi allra husa | innþrændir kol sinna | angr skal kveykt i klungri | kꜹlld ef ec má vallda |  edit 
 321x Brennum aull fyrer jnnann . jnn ey þꜹ er ver | finnum . lꜹnd tegaz herr med hiorfi . herbiorg fyrir gram veria . | ys hafi allra husa . jnnþrændir kol sinna angr skal kveykt i klun | gri . kaulld ef ek ma vallda . |   [VEÞ]  edit 
 73ax Brennum o᷎ll fyrir ínnan · | ínnín þau er ver fínnum · | land tegaz herr m hío᷎ruí · | her bio᷎rg fyr gram vería : | ys takí allra husa · | ínnþræ"ndir kol sínna · | Angr man kueikt í klungri · | ko᷎lld ef ek mꜳ wallda : |  edit 
 68 Brennom ǫll firir iɴan iɴey þav er ver fiɴom | land tegaz herʀ m hiorvi herdiorfom gram veria ys taki allra hvsa iɴþrændir kol siɴa angr skal | kveyct i klvngri kavld ef æk ma valda.  edit 
 Holm4 Breɴom | oll firir innan inne þꜹ er veor finnum. land tegaz | herr með hiorue hverbiorg firir gram verea. Ys ha | fe allra husa. iɴþrendir kol sinna. angr skal | kveykt i klungre kꜹlld ef ec ma uallda |  edit 
 61 Brennum oll firir iɴan iɴan | ey þꜹ at ver fiɴum land tegaz heʀ med hiorví herbor | g firir gram veria yshafi allra husa íɴþræ"̨ndir kolsi | nna angr mun kveck i klungri kaulld ef ek mꜳ́ vallda·  edit 
 325V Breɴum allz firir iɴan inni þav | er ver fiɴum lond tegaz heʀ med hiorvi | hver biorg firir gram veria-yss hafi allra husa | inn þrændir kol siɴa angr skulv kvekt i | klungri kolld ef ek ma vallda  edit 
 325VII Breɴom oll firir iɴann iɴæy þꜹ er ver fiɴom. land tægaz herʀ m hiꜵrvi hver biæ⸌o⸍rg firir | gram v[…] ys…]afi allra husa iɴþræɴdir kol siɴa. angr scal kvæykt i klungri. kolld ef ec ma vallda.  edit 
 Bb Brennvm oll fyrir | jnnan jnni þꜹ er ver finnum land tegazt her | m fiorfi her borg firir garam vería ys hafi allra | husa jnn þrendir kuol fínna angr mun | keyckt j klungri kolld ef ek ma gi?v?allda |  edit 
 Flat Brennum oll firir ínnann ínnen þau er ver finnum land skulum huer med híor | ui herbiorgum grams veria· yss· hafui allra husa Jnnþndr kol sínna angr | mun kuæigt j klungri kalld ef ek ma uallda·  edit 
 Tóm Brénn | um aull fyr Jnnan Jnne þau er uer finnum. lannd tegazt herr med híorfí· her borg firir gram vería· ys haví allra husa jnn | þrꜽnder kol sínna· angr mun kueikt J klungri kuld ef ec mꜳ" ʀada //  edit 
 Kx Breɴom ǫll fyr iɴan | iɴey þꜹ er ver fiɴom | land tegaz heʀ með hiorvi | hverbiorg fyr gram vera | ys hafe allra husa | iɴþro᷎ndir kol siɴa | angr skal kveyct i klungri | kǫll ef ec ma valda |  edit 
 Hb Brennvm oll fyri | innan innin þꜹ er vęr finnvm. land. skal heʀ m(e)d hiorvi hver biorg fyri | gram veria. ys taki allra hvsa inn þrendir kol sinna angr mvn kv | eykt i klvngri kolld ef ek ma vallda;  edit 
 142x Brennum oll fyr innan | inney þau er ver finnum | land skal heim með hiorfi | hver borg fyr gram veria | ys taki allra husa | innþrændir kol sinna | angr man kveikt i klungri | kaulld ef ek ma vallda |  edit 
 566ax Brennum oll fyrir innann | inn ey þau er ver finnum | land skal heim með hiorfi | hver borg fyrir gram veria | ys taki allra husa | innþrændir kol sinna | angr man kveikt i klungri | kaulld ef ek ma vallda |   edit 
 141x Brennom oll fyrir innann | inney þꜹ er ver finnom | land scal heim með hiorvi | hver bær fyrir gram veria | ys taca allra husa | innþrændir kolsvinna | angr man kveict i klungri | kꜹlld ef ec ma vallda |   edit 
 papp4x Brennvmm oll fyr jnnann , jnni þau er vier | finnumm , land skal hier med hiorvi , hun biorgumm so veria , yss | taki allra hvsa , jnn þrænnder kol sinna , anngur skal kueikt | j klunngri , kolld ef eg ma vallda , .   [RDF]  edit 

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