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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Note to stanza

8. Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks 45 (Angantýr Arngrímsson, Lausavísur, 10) — Angantýr [Vol. 8, 404]

[All]: This stanza is followed in R715ˣ by the following: [[ALT]] Prose Order: Ek mun hirða hvassan mæki ok nema í hönd, er látið mik hafa. Uggik þat eigi, grennir úlfa, hvat synir mínir telja síðan. Translation: I will guard the sharp sword and take it in hand, when I am allowed to have it. I do not fear, feeder of wolves [WARRIOR], what my sons reckon later. This seems to be the result of scribal confusion, since it comprises slightly variant versions of ll. 1-5 of Herv Lv 16 (Heiðr 40) and ll. 7-8 of Herv Lv 18 (Heiðr 44), with only l. 6 being new. Cf. Andrews (1920, 98), who suggests the stanza to be genuine, noting that repetition occurs elsewhere in the dialogue between Hervǫr and Angantýr and that its restoration ‘would preserve the alternation of stanzas between the two speakers’; this alternation is not completely regular, however, and repetition does not occur elsewhere in the rest of the dialogue between Hervǫr and Angantýr to the same extent.


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