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Danmǫrk (noun f.)

ONP (prose citations):0728113
SkP: 29127911 (prose):2681392394

forms: danmörk, danmǫrk, danmork, Danmǫrk, Denmark, Danmerkur gen f sg, Danmörk nom f sg, Danmörku f sg, Danmörk, Danmǫrku, Danmarkar gen f sg, tanmarkaR, tanmaurk, danmarkar, danmörku, danmorco, danmǫrku, Danmerkʀ, danmorc, danmarcar, danmarkar, danmerkr

parts: danr (noun m.) [°dat. -; -ir] ‘Dane...’ • 1mǫrk (noun f.) [°merkr, dat. -u/-; merkr/markir] ‘mark (unit)...’

BjHall Kálffl 6I l. 4: Danmǫrk ‘Denmark’
Bjbp Jóms 10I l. 2: Danmarkar ‘Denmark’
Eskál Vell 25I l. 4: Danmarkar ‘Denmark’
Hfr Óldr 2I l. 6: Danmǫrku ‘Denmark’
Hfr Óldr 2I l. 6: Danmarkar ‘Den’
Ótt Hfl 3I l. 4: Danmarkar ‘Denmark’
Sigv Knútdr 6I l. 2: Danmǫrk ‘Denmark’
Þloft Tøgdr 6I l. 8: Danmǫrk ‘Denmark’
Vagn Lv 1I l. 4: Danmarkar ‘Denmark’
Vagn Lv 1I l. 4: Danmerkr ‘Den’


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index entries (as names):
• Danmǫrk (Danmǫrk - Denmark)
• Denmark ()

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