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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kormákr Ǫgmundarson (KormǪ)

10th century; volume 5; ed. Edith Marold;

III. 1. Sigurðardrápa (Sigdr) - 7

Skj info: Kormákr Ǫgmundarson, Islandsk skjald c. 930-70. (AI, 79-91, BI, 69-85).

Skj poems:
1. Sigurðardrápa
2. Lausavísur
2. Lausavísur

my abbr - FJ's conflicts with saga

Sigurðardrápa (‘Drápa about Sigurðr’) — KormǪ SigdrIII

Edith Marold with the assistance of Vivian Busch, Jana Krüger, Ann-Dörte Kyas and Katharina Seidel, translated from German by John Foulks 2017, ‘(Introduction to) Kormákr Ǫgmundarson, Sigurðardrápa’ in Kari Ellen Gade and Edith Marold (eds), Poetry from Treatises on Poetics. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 3. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 272.

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Skj: Kormákr Ǫgmundarson: 1. Sigurðardrápa, o. 960 (AI, 79-80, BI, 69-70)

in texts: HákGóð, Hkr, LaufE, Skm, SnE

SkP info: III, 272

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Note: The following transcriptions have been entered to aid the editing process. These may not have been fully reviewed and checked and may therefore not be reliable. You may wish to consult the manuscript images. Any corrections can be notified to the database editor.

1. A - 12v/15-12v/15 (VEÞ)
heyri sonr asyrar
2. A - 10v/20-10v/21 (VEÞ)
Mæiðr ær mǫrgvm ǽðri morðre | ins idyn flæina hiǫʀ fyrir hilldibǫrrvm hiarl sigvrði ø̣⸌i⸍arli .
3. A - 12v/32-12v/32 (VEÞ)
Æykr m ęnni dv́ki iarðlvtr dia fiarðar bæiti hv́n sa ær beinir binndr seið yggr til ⸍⸍ rindar |
4. A - 11v/7-11v/9 (VEÞ)
Svall | þa ær gækk m giallan gꜹtz ælld hinn ær styr bælldi glaðvæðandi gri | ðar gvnnr komz vðr or brvnni .
5. A - 12v/21-12v/22 (VEÞ)
hroðr gerik vm mǫg mæran me | iʀr hakonar flæira haptsǽmis vel ek hánvm hæið sitr þóʀr ireíðv .
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