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bœta (verb)

‘better, emend, compensate’
ONP (prose citations):318725759
SkP: 27127911 (prose):2641392394

forms: bœtti, bœti, bœttu, bætandi, bætiz, bœta, bœttisk, bœttr, bæti n, Bæta nom sg, Bætt, Bættu, bæt, bætast, bætir sg pres, bætist sg 3rd pres, bætið, bætt nom n sg pret, bætti sg 3rd pret, bættist sg 3rd pret, bættu pl 3rd pret, bættur nom m sg pret participle, bætum, bættir, Bœtti, bœtir, bæturnar nom f pl, bœtt, bæta, bœttan, bœttu, bǿtir, bǽtir, bǽttisk, bǫta, bęta, bǫtir, bǫti, bǫt, bta, bǫtaz, bœttak, bótir, bǿta, bǿttu


Gamlkan Has 62VII, l. 5: óbœttan ‘unatoned for’

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