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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eysteinn Valdason (EVald)

10th century; volume 3; ed. Margaret Clunies Ross;

Poem about Þórr (Þórr) - 3

Skj info: Eysteinn Valdason, Islænder, omkr. 1000. (AI, 140, BI, 131).

Skj poems:
Et digt om Tor

Eysteinn Valdason (EVald) is known only from the section of Skm on kennings for Þórr (SnE 1998, I, 14-17), where he is named and three helmingar attributed to him are quoted. No other information about him exists. Most editors (e.g. Finnur Jónsson in Skj A) regard him as an Icelander, although there is no evidence in support of this view. He is usually considered to have lived in the tenth century, largely because of the pagan subject-matter and style of his poetry.

Poem about Þórr — EVald ÞórrIII

Margaret Clunies Ross 2017, ‘(Introduction to) Eysteinn Valdason, Poem about Þórr’ in Kari Ellen Gade and Edith Marold (eds), Poetry from Treatises on Poetics. Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages 3. Turnhout: Brepols, p. 185.

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Skj: Eysteinn Valdason: Et digt om Tor (AI, 140, BI, 131)

in texts: Skm, SnE

SkP info: III, 185

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Note: The following transcriptions have been entered to aid the editing process. These may not have been fully reviewed and checked and may therefore not be reliable. You may wish to consult the manuscript images. Any corrections can be notified to the database editor.

1. R - 21v/36-22r/1 (MCR)
Sin bio sifiar rvni|| snarla fram með karli hornstrꜹm getvm hrimnis hræra veiþar færi.
Tx - 22r/23-22r/24 (MCR)
Sinn bio sifiar runi snarla f-| ram m karli hornstraum getom hrimnis hro᷎ra veidar fo᷎ri.
W - 47/11-47/12 (MCR)
Sin bio sifiar ru| ni snarla framm m karli horn straum getinn hrimnis hræra veiðar færi.
U - 27v/12-27v/13 (MCR)
Sinn bio sifiar rvni snarla| fraᴍ meðr karli hornstravm getvm hrimnis hræfa veiþar færi.
2. R - 21v/35-21v/36 (MCR)
Leit abrattar brꜹtir bꜹg hvasligvm ꜹgvm æstiz aðr| at flꜹsti ꜹgs bvð faþir þruþar.
W - 47/10-47/11 (MCR)
Leit a brattrar bravtar bavg hvasslegvm| avgvm æstiz aðr at flausti ꜹgurs bvð faðir þruðar.
U - 27v/11-27v/12 (MCR)
Leit a brattar bravtir bavgs hvassligvm avgvm. æstiz orþ at flausti ygs| bvþ faþir þrvþar.
3. R - 22r/2-22r/3 (MCR)
Sva bra vidr at syivr seiðr rendi fram breiþar iarðar vt at borþi vlls mags| hnefar skvllv.
Tx - 22r/24-22r/26 (MCR)
Sua| bra vidr at syior seidr rendi fram b\r/eidar jardar vt at bordi vlls mags hne-| far scullo.
W - 47/13-47/14 (MCR)
Sva bra viðr at syior seiðr rendi framm breiðar iarðar vt borði. vllz mags hne| far skvllv.
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