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brunnr (noun m.)

‘spring, well’
ONP (prose citations):89728113
SkP: 31127911 (prose):111392394

forms: brunni, Brunn, brvnr, brunnz, bruɴi, brvnna, brvnne, bruɴr, brun, bruɴa, brunr, brunninum, brunns, bruðrinn, brvnnum, bruɴe, Bruþr, brunnum, brvnnr, brunn, brvni, bruþr, brunne, bruðr, brvðr, bruna, brvɴar, brvnn, brundz, brvnni, brvɴinvm, brvɴinn, brunninn acc m sg, brunner, brvnnvm, brvɴi, brunnur, brunnrinn, brunnarnir, brunnzins, brvɴr, bruɴinn, brvnnz, brunzins, Brunnr, brunnr, brunnar, brunna, brunni


SnSt Ht 32III, l. 4: dynbrunnum ‘with rushing fountains’
Þjóð Haustl 9III, l. 5: Brunnakrs ‘Brunnakr (‘Spring-field’)’

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