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bregða (verb)

‘pull, jerk, break; change’
ONP (prose citations):711726238
SkP: 65127911 (prose):6681392394

forms: bregð, bregz, brugðiz, bregðz, brár, brugðumk, bráskat, brugðusk, brigða, bragðar, bregzk finite, brásk, brátt, Bregða, Bregður, Brugðu pl 3rd pret, Brá nom m sg 3rd pret, Brást, bregst sg 3rd pres, bregðast pl 3rd pres infinitive, bregði sg 3rd pres, bregðir sg 2nd pres, bregður sg 3rd pres, brugðist , brugðið nom n sg pret, brugðu pl 3rd pret, brugðust pl 3rd pret, brygði sg 3rd pret, brást 3rd, Brugðusk, brugðnu dat n sg, brugðinn, brugðnir, brugðnum dat, brugðin, Bregst, bregðr, bregða, brák, brugðum, bráz, brugðit, brá, bregða, Bráz, brvgðit, bregdr, bregðaz, bregda, bregða, bregdir, bręgþr, bregþa, brvgdiɴ, breg, bra, brvgdvz, brgðit, brvgðo, brugðit



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